Friday, 27 March 2015

I wish I was that clever

27 March 2015
                As professor argent quoted, as Nissan said to Faraday ‘ice further because I stand on the shoulders of giants’.  My biggest input here was a metallurgical ultrasound idea had at Sheffield University during my master’s in to metallurgy and engineering.
                I was back over in 2000 on a Ph.D.  And another Ph.D student commented ‘of course ultrasound boils off water quickly’.  This process skills exponentially the system pressure.
                All cancer cells are pressurised in order to grow.  So they fragment of levels of ultrasound benign to body cells.  I suggested the use of High Powered UltraSound to restrict cancer growth.
                My Ph.D got ended.  As my ideas on molecular nuclear fusion ended all thoughts of man made climate change-the big cash cow of my old department.
                I then went away and became an urban folk singer and poet.  I reconnected with high intensity ultrasound, at Salford royal hospital in 2010.  The Moffitt had conclusively proved high as clears cancers in ½ minute appointment.
                I fault such an idiot!  For not having continued with my work.  There this was not my choice.  HIUS will clear all cancers with no biochemical treatment.
                As realised by all hospital consultants are investors medicine on the planet.  The cheapest source of HIUS is a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device bought over the Internet.
                Which I have practically demonstrated clears cancers, heart disease and diabetes.  It would also appear that the kidneys have a role in of heart disease and diabetes.  The bacterial rump causing these problems colonising the fatty sheaths around the kidneys.
                ½ minute of HIUS clears the problem.

Jonathan Thomason

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