Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Making fresh water

10 March 2015
                Removing salts and contaminants from water is simply a matter of the boiling water.  But this requires a lot of heat at room pressure.  High pressure filtration is nearly as energy intensive.
                But as any high school teacher will tell you, water boils at reduce temperature at lower pressure.  So on mount Everest water boils at two low a temperature to make tea.
                Even at 0° C just one metre of vacuum head will cause ice to sublime into vapour: this means converts into water vapour.
                One metre of vacuum head is very little energy!  High pressure desalination uses eight atmospheres of positive pressure.  Very dangerous and expensive.
                Even in temperate regions, during the day a one metre solar panel will produce enough the electricity to process 60,000 gallons of river or sea water.  We use a chain of vacuum pumps to transport the vapour to a high reservoir.
                When we vent the vapour to the air, we form water drops.  And this fine mist falls larger drops, which fill the reservoir.  We are transformed sea and river water into pure water: no salts, heavy metals or other contaminants.
                Agriculture will love it!  So they can transform the deserts back into lush arable areas.  In the days of the Roman empire, Saudi Arabia fed Rome.  It aridifined during the little ice age, due to mankind’s mis management.
                So we have a chain of vacuum plants, so keen water and so the seas.  The using all salts behind.  We dredge out the silt from the river deltas, wash out the salts, and use this to build up the soil over the sands.
                We also turn over the soil, exposing the soil only 10 feet below the surface of the dunes.  From when Arabia was a lush and fertile area.
                Always extra plant growth will suck carbon dioxide out of the air.  So we will see a decrease in crop yields in the temperate countries.  But will return arid areas like the Middle East back into lush rainforest.

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