Monday, 16 March 2015

Medicine has lost billions

16 March 2015
                Biochemical treatments were the cash cow of medicine, and so also of medical universities.  Then in 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre discovered by cancer can be cleared by a single application of High Intensity UltraSound.
                I found external application of 5 W one MHz ultrasound, from an ultrasonic massage device bought over the Internet for just ½ minute cleared cancer.  Application of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears all types of coronary heart disease.
                Application to the bottom right of the rib cage clears all science or diabetes in just ½ minute.  It will also clear asthma (1 minute to the chest) and arthritis (half a metre repeatedly to affected joints).
                It will also clear locked lymph nodes.  And the other diseases of age.  Medicine has continued to applying biochemical treatments irregardless.  Leading to the avoidable deaths of 400 million people around the planet.
                The medics involved will receive 25 years in jail for each avoidable death.  A millennia in jail for each prescribing medic.  Doctors, Health Centres and drug company is will receive a fine of $10,000,000 for each person they have killed.
                No register Dr. Is allowed to teach our research defective medicine: and says 2002 biochemistry has been defective!  Suddenly all medical academics warrants immediate striking off.
                The biochemical drug industry has just lost 98.5% of its business.  Biochemical treatments for cancers, heart disease and diabetes are now unethical= illegal.
                The GMC is part funded by the drug industry.  Which is why it is never issued guidance to abandon biochemistry.  As dictated by the Hippocratic Air oath.
                The AMA, GMC and other National Medical registers are themselves known dismissed from medicine.
                Universities are dependent on the money they get from the medical school.  No they are prohibited from teaching biochemistry.  And not be antipar the clean research is for 13 years.
                Every professor of medicine he was supervised research into biochemistry is now no longer able to practice medicine.  And suddenly there is no medical students!
                I was teaching biochemistry has invalidated the Hippocratic oath of every medic who has graduated since 2002.  Oh are permanently excluded from the health sector.  And have a massive civil claim against a medical school.
                Reimbursement of their tuition fees, and punitive damages.  Bankrupting every medical school on earth.
                Every health centre has has prescribed biochemical treatments is now prohibited from ever working in health centre for ever again.  Even a totally new doctors!  Biochemistry has just died.
                So now everyone gets to live!  Biochemistry is a most fatal technology that mankind has ever devised.  Far more lethal than gunpowder and bombs.  Is has killed a third of humanity since its inception.
                And for the last 13 years has reinvented the uptake of HIUS.  Not one word has been ascertained by any professor of medicine: who lecture medical students on medical ethics.

Jonathan Thomason

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