Saturday, 7 March 2015

Nature does fusion

7 March 2015
                In the light plants turn ultraviolet light into nuclear fusion.
1              mCO2+(n+r)H2O+UV+T ->Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O)+E2+L+Xray
                The energy for photosynthesis was not for me ultraviolet light.  It comes from the molecular nuclear fusion induced by the turbulence and the UV light.  Biologists have published academic papers about the production of helium, visible light and X rays.
                That’s right!  Plants give off visible blue lights.  Which are not aware of, in the light day.  If we enclose plants in a dark room, illuminated by UV light alone, we can see the production of visible light.  We can measure age with a light metre.
                There is no chemical source of helium, visible light or X rays.  They are the province solely of nuclear reactions.  And living plants do not contain radioactive isotopes.  So he can say with absolute certainty we are doing nuclear fusion.
                Growing bacteria and fungi emit X rays.  As they do molecular nuclear fusion.
                Animal blood systems in the beating hearts and arteries.  You are doing it now.  You can take your pulse with a Geiger counter.
                And you breathe out helium, free radical oxygen and methane.
2              CO2+H2O+T->CH4+He+3O+Xray+L
                They are filmed the production of light flashes in animal hearts, using a fibre optic camera.  So you are doing nuclear fusion at below 30° C all day!
                Arctic fish do it at -20° C.  The 10,000,000° C oaround young stars, is a product of atomic nuclear fusion from hydrogen.  Red giants do nuclear fusion mostly of helium balloons.
                90% other matter the universe is contained in iron stars.  These have ceased to radiate light.  They contract and 1000 fold.  And all the nuclear fusion converts the matter into iron-the worst energy source of matter.
                They are all of it here is a massively dense regions of gravity.  They are not black holes!  They are black stars.  They do radiate infrared radiation, black holes would only radiate X rays.  From the poles.
                I have stars radiate infrared in all directions.  They are not black holes.  We are masterly dense regions of gravity.  We get me in fall of antimatter.  This is repulsive.
                Is exist in outer space as a very diffuse mist.  It gives off light travelling through outer space is slight red shift.  So the further the light has travelled the more red shift it has acquired.
                So the rate of red shift is not linked to collecting expansion.  This will protect the further we looked, there was a red shift will either be acquiring.  As the outside of a bullion expands proportionally less.
                The red shift was due to expansion, the outside of the universe is expanding in excess of the speed of light.  Think about it!  Not possible.
                As a star ceases to radiate light, it stops repulsing the antimatter.  Which starts per meeting the medix of the star.  So the iron star gradually swells.
                And totally in 1 nano second burst are ceases to be attractive.  And goes nova : which is why we see 1000 times the number of nova or we would expect.  All the matter of star is sprayed across the cosmos.
                And forms new cells.  The sun is on it’s reincarnation.  So contains a lot of heavy elements.  Which make up the whole of your body.  You are made of star stuff.  You were sprayed into the universe life for generations of dying cell.
                That is where all the ion, copper, oxygen, sulphur, phosphorus and even lead came from.  As professor argent told me ‘your body must contain a little lead-or you get sick’.
                So every biological organism on earth does nuclear fusion.  From the turbulent flow of high pressure water.  Down to -20° C.  The role ozo physicists feeling pretty stupid at this point!  They should have gone and last in biology, how nature does nuclear fusion on earth.
                Heavy rain does molecular nuclear fusion.  Which fills up the charge for lightening strike.  Every 3 minutes around the earth there is a lightening strike.  Which contributes 1040 W of energy into nature annually.
                Totally free and clean energy.  At 5.8 MW/m for a 2 cm thick partial steam plasma.  We should use steam plasma tubes to generate power electricity.
                8 2mx2cm steam plasma tubes will run 100 MW power station continuously.  Once initiated a pulse of electricity at 2000 volts, that you runs and powered.  Turning a frighteningly minuscule volume of regular water into energy.
                One metre3 of hydrogen converts to a 1,000,000 million W of clean energy.  A steam plasma tube self sustains at four atmospheres.  The steam plasma gradually converting the oxygen heavy elements into hydrogen ions.
                Which end up as energy
3                     qH++e- ->(q-1)n0
4              sH+r n0 ->Er3+L+Xray       Er3=6xs W from 10-12 m3 hydrogen
                Totally clean, safe and free power.
Jonathan Thomason

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