Friday, 20 March 2015

No medical corruption

20 March 2015
                It is a basic conflict of interests, and that drug companies should reward doctors for their prescribing history.  The direct payments in the United States, are grounds for jail sentences and fines for the doctors and drug company sales representatives involved.
                And the jail time should also be extended are to the drug company managers and MD.  Jail sentences are appropriate all over the world for doctors and consultants who have received payments from drug companies.
                In the UK the drug companies gave her consumer electronics, subsidise conferences and even family holidays as inducements to doctors to prescribe drugs.
                Legally these are equivalent to a direct financial gift.  Of the rib financial worth of the item on the date of receipt.
                Each and every Dr. and consultant who received such inducements, should not be in the Health Service.  Allowing pharmacists to write out there and drug prescriptions, which they then dispense is so obviously conflict of interest it can never legally be permitted.
                Nurses are only to prescribe very few drugs.  It is doubtful they of the medical training to do this.
                We have found the diseases of age (cancer, disease and diabetes) can be cleared by ½ minute of high intensity ultrasound: e.g.  5 W 1 MHz ultrasound from an ultrasonic massage device.
                This renders all biochemical treatments for the diseases of age the active medicine.  Globally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                All consultants and doctors who have continued to five defective medicine, so resulting in the avoidable death of their patients, should receive a 25 year jail time and $100,000,000 fine for each death.
                Such individuals should not be in the Health Service.  Drug companies and doctors have known about the efficacy of HIUS since he is medically published 2002.
                Continuing to applying defective biochemical treatments should result in the imprisonment of the Dr., Consultant and drug company representatives and managers.

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