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Nuclear fusion on earth

17 March 2015
                Cancer leads around the world there is heavy rain!  We turbulent interaction of rain drops does molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+T+O2->He2++O321+E2+L+Xray
                Everybody alive today has felt the heat generated by rain storm.  And smell the ozone gas.  The helium nuclei carry the positive charge to above the clouds layer.  The charged ozone ions carry the negative charge to the ground.
                So heavy rain is like a giant battery!  And we get a potential of 5000 volts, A partial steam plasma links up electron holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  This is a lightening down strike-and requires ½ MW of power generated by the rain.
                When it touches down we get the discharge of hundred amps of charge electrons.  As this charge passes through a partial steam plasma, we makes 5 the tonnes of helium ions.  Of which there is no chemical source.
                Likewise little light and X rays can only be generated by nuclear processes.  And here we are no source of radioactive decay.  We have regular water.
                Interestingly enough, rain in from all rainstorm is slightly imaged.  As always X rays are all salts were all the water drops.
2              1H2O+Xray ->xH1HO         heavy water x=2 or 3 the
                Photosynthesis is a type of biological molecular nuclear fusion
3              mCO2+(n+r)H2O->y13C(m-1)12Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O+E2+Xray)
                For this horrendous equations says, is that their radioactive isotope of carbon decays as a predictable rate over 2000 years since the biological material was living.
                This is the basis of carbon dates.  But growing material releases X rays.  And X rays increase the ‘carbon date’ of the material!
                So much gold bar at only 50 years ago in a peat bog in Ireland, can display of carbon date of 2000 years!  So people can remember burrying material.  That has been dug up and dates to around zero AD.
                For a material does physical molecular nuclear fusion.  So waterfalls and skew the local carbon dates are the same fashion.  Cancer is loads are nuclear fusion on earth.

                Every biological organism on earth uses molecular nuclear fusion.  Beating animal hearts do it!  So you do it 70 times a minute.  And you breathe out helium and free radical oxygen.
                The production of free radical oxygen is only a problem for green plants.  There is absolutely no point he is taking extra vitamin D T quench free radical oxygen.  Your body has evolved to cancer low levels of this gas your body produces.
                Your cell mitochondria also do biological molecular nuclear fusion.  Turning the circulating carbon dioxide into methane, helium and free radical oxygen gases.  As your cells produce massive energy.
                So here we have an army present Energy System that produces no carbon dioxide.  Rather it takes it in!  Usually converting carbon dioxide into plant biomass.
                Photosynthesis takes in any extra carbon dioxide every day.  So within 5 minutes is has reverted to biomass: all the fossil fuels were biomass before the mass extinctions in prehistory. 
4              Cm(H2O)n/2+P+Te ->CmHn+nO2      Here Te= high temperature
                So in the Jurassic there were far fewer fossil fuels.  There was some deep coal deposits that formed at the end of the cretaceous age.  There was 65% more active life on earth.  And sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                And lower three natural ice ages!  When free carbon dioxide have doubled from 4 parts per million to 8.  So had twice the carbon dioxide in the warm periods, 65% more life on earth.  And sea levels 60 metres lower.
                Who ever made up man made global warming/climate change was spectacularly ignorant of basic high school biology: carbon dioxide is the gas of life!
                Oxygen is the waste gas excreted by plants.  Animals only evolved to eat plant matter, and combine the oxygen with plant biomass.  Breathing out carbon dioxide.
5              Cm(H2O)n+rH2O+rO2 ->mCO2+nH2O+r(He+O3+E2+Xray)
                So liberating the carbon dioxide for the next day’s plant growth.  The cretaceous mass extinction resulting as free carbon dioxide fell to only 1 part per million.  And 90% of life on earth died.
                Life only recover as more animals evolved.  To recycle the carbohydrates into carbon dioxide.  So today if we have 2 parts per million carbon dioxide in the global air.  All extra carbon dioxide ends up as plant biomass within 5 minutes during the day.
                Sucking in test the air!  So no possible affect us all on the weather systems of the earth.  Mankind is choose to use steam plasma tubes in place of burning fossil fuels.
6              1H++e- ->n0                          so free hydrogen ions and electrons from a steam plasma end up as neutrons.
7              1H++r n0->Er3+L+Xray      these enrich other hydrogen ions.  Which undergo massively exothermic nuclear fission.  Into energy, light and X rays.  No toxic radioactive isotopes.
8              16O2-+s n0 ->161H++24e- the oxygen ions fission into hydrogen.  He each fission converting surplus neutrons into energy.
                These equations were in the savior of physics!  Professors of physics can stop wittering on about the earth’s weather systems: and area they are spectacularly ignorant of.
                But every physicist on the planet has done high school biology.  So is totally aware that global photosynthesis limits the average free carbon dioxide in the global air.
                So carbon dioxide is at a Prix industrial two parts per million.  A static trace gases affect nothing.
                In lightning a 2cmx1.5km releases a constant 2.5x1030 Watts of energy, every 3 minutes throughout the year.  As some were we get a lightening strike.  The world every biological organism on earth is busy doing molecular nuclear fusion, and generating helium and energy.
                So a 2cmx1m liberates a constant 5.8 MW.  So a 10x1cm steam plasma will liberate a constant 290 kW.  So he can drive a steam cycle, and produce 29 kW of electricity.
                A forward or family hatchback on the motorway and the requires 25 kW.  No large peak storage batteries.  We generate electricity on demand.
                We can condense the use steam on the Carnot heat pump, and use 2% of the generated power to increase the electricity generated to 40 kW.  So a 15cm steam plasma tube will drive a personal helicopter around.
                Away and from road speed traps.  Using computers to drive the craft!  So was set up motorways in the sky.  And abandoned use of cars on the rail system.
                The craft only uses thimble full of regular water every decade.  No fossil fuel bound.  No carbon dioxide production.  The two such tubes will drive the craft at hypersonic speed between countries.  Of regular water.
                So only petrol he is energy deficient!  Massively overpriced and irrelevant.  We can utilises regular water.  Which has nearly 0.5 million times the energy density.
                Once we pass the water into steam plasma tube, which crushes the matter into energy light and X rays.  We block the light and X rays, and he is the energy production.
                Petrol driven cars on the ground suddenly seem a very archaic idea.  When the craft has landed, we sell the excess power to the national grid.  Via a dedicated power metre.
                So during the day he is cities will produce massive power.  In the evening the power generation ago to the suburbs where it is needed.
                Large power plants are now had totally superfluous.  All science was published in science journals by the 1980s.  Which is where an idea to my master’s degree.
                All science totally familiar to every physics scientist on the planet.  Who have got massive monies by predicting the earth would warm.  Due to the insidious presence of a static trace gas, that supports all life on earth.
                These people have no place in education or the media.  Uranium fission has no place in energy production around the world.  He causes intermittent toxic death on a continental scale.  As it generates a phenomenally expensive electricity.
                And radioactive waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years: which nuclear power does not cost in plant bid documents.  No nuclear facilities of private concerns, the waste handling and plant decommissioning costs must be included in the bid documents.
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