Friday, 13 March 2015

Replacing fossil fuels

13 March 2015
                Burning petrol or diesel it does very low levels of molecular nuclear fusion!
1              (1+x)CmHn+pO2 ->(mCO2+nH2O-E)+x(He2++O2-+E2+Xray+L)
                You are not aware that the burning fossil fuels produces a steam plasma.  Which produces helium and free radical oxygen, as it emits X rays and light.  And produces massive energy.  Actually oxidising the fossil fuels, takes in energy.
                It is only the molecular nuclear fusion that makes him a process exothermic.  The simplest idea, it is to titanium plate the inside surfaces of the engine.  This will double the amount of nuclear fusion we do.  More than doubling the power for a unit of fuel burned.
                It will make for an unbeatable F1 racing car.  200 UK pounds, to produce an unbeatable formula one racing car.
                Nature does molecular nuclear fusion heavy rain fall.  Producing helium, ozone, heat and X rays.  As we get light flashes.  This sets up a lightening down strike.
                A 5000 volts potential difference between the clouds and the ground, will start of a partial steam plasma linking up the electoral holes on the way to the ground.  When it touches the ground we get there rush of hundred amps of charge electrons.
                Every 3 minutes around the earth.  A lightning strike releases 2.5x1030 W of energy for free.  With no carbon dioxide, or hyper toxic radioactive waste.  This equates to 5.8 megawatts/m.
                We can years a steam plasma she generate electricity.  A 10x1cm steam plasma will generate 580 kW of heat.  Burning a small steam cycle, this will generate 56 kW of power.
                To run a small personal helicopter we only 45 kW.  This will consume under molecule water a minute.  So driving a vehicle power via a steam plasma tube will consume the quarter thimble full of water a decade.
                Require no expensive trip to the garage.  We buy a bottle of distilled water when we purchase the car, and three years later we sell the car with 80 per cent of the water unused.
                A present car does a little molecular nuclear fusion.  So fast it liberates more radiation!  We can block this radiation with a 1mm shield of iron oxide.
                The Fuelling cost of the vehicle vanishes.  We are left with the engineering of the car.  No trip to my petrol or diesel for ever be required.
                At home we plug into the mains.  And makes for a constant 56 kW.  Which will generate an annual income of 180,000 pounds.
Jonathan Thomason

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