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Replacing main’s power

31 March 2015
                We do not use a gas or oil burn.  We employ 2 1m steam plasma tubes.  Was started by a pulse of electricity at 2000 volts 0.1 amps the runner continuously at four atmospheres pressure.
                They consume 1/4 thimble full of regular water every 20 years.  They produce no waste gas.  Of solid radioactive waste.
1              H2O+Tu->He2++O2-+E     but also
2              H++e- ->n0                           these neutrons bond with other ions
3              O2-+m n0 ->161H++26e-+E                                             He2++r n0 ->2H+ then 4
4              1H++p n0 –>1+pH+ ->E3+L+Xray                     we had term the matter into energy, were my to light and low power X rays.
                And the important equation is 2.  This converts the hydrogen ions and electrons into neutrons!  Which are a composite particle, of a proton bonded to an electron.
                Those at Sheffield University 2000, a reversal of was talking about the feathering effect pressure was hammered on regular matter.  The atomic nuclei are enriched, and undergo a spontaneous nuclear fission.
                Effectively halving the atomic number.  And converting some the extra neutrons into energy.  Making each process exothermic.  So the oxygen fissions into boron and beryllium.  He then fissions into helium, which bonds with the helium nuclei created by nuclear fusion of hydrogen ions.
                These bond with more free neutrons, and fissions back into hydrogen.
5              He2++s n0 ->22/3H+
                So all the oxygen molecules has ended up as enriched hydrogen ions.  We then get to them as exothermic equation in the universe - 4.  The nuclear fission of enriched hydrogen into massive energy, light and low power X rays.
                It is the nuclear fission of hydrogen ions in the sun's Corona that is a most exothermic energy source in the universe.  The suns interior is at lower temperature.
                A young sun's Corona is the seas 10,000,000° C.  This service temperature of a lightning bolts!  Where nature does nuclear fusion on earth every 3 minutes.  From the turbulent flow of steam plasma.  So to by heavy rain.
                It does 1.  When we reach a potential of 5000 volts.  As I said, every 3 minutes around the earth.  We lose the helium to outer space.  The surface of our steam plasma will reach same temperature.
                In the laboratory we burn this was for a minuscule volume.  We got a bulk temperature of 978° C.  Ideal for running a steam cycle.
                A 1m steam plasma tube will generate 5.8 MW -from the experience of a lightning strike.  That releases 2.5x1030 MW from a 1.5km partial steam plasma.
                The national grid his 3000 UK pounds per KWh.  So we are looking at 1,600,000 UK pounds for each 1m plasma tube.  This is $2.4 million.  Per year.  From utilising a totally minuscule volume of regular water.
                And producing no life enhancing carbon dioxide, or toxic radioactive waste.  You do this cycle every time you boil water.  Which gives off X rays!  And uses a sudden burst of boiling.
                So no special licence is required.  Just 700 UK pounds for the commercially produced standby generator sets.  Which produces electricity at this frequency and power.  We need to fase lock the frequency.
                We then sell the bulk of electricity to the national grade.  Our own personal power consumption is incidental!  So we are producing massive personal power, with no fossil fuel bound.  An utterly no toxic uranium fission.
                We just run a steam plasma tube.  Which once started will self sustain at four atmospheres.  We are looking at the electricity for 200 houses.  So when every 200th cancers set up to generate free steam plasma, we are selling excess power to the national grid.
                Every year medium sized business.  Used for steam plasma tubes, generating an annual income of 1,450,000 UK pounds.  Why do they want to do anything else?  Generating electricity is a most profitable undertaking they can do.
                They are utilising half a thimble full every decade of regular water.  No oil or gas burn.  No enriched uranium!  Uranium fission must be prohibited instantly, if present nuclear power is a major extinguish all life on earth.

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