Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ultimate clean free power

12 March 2015
Is a lightening strike!  Heavy rain converts regular water into helium and oxygen gases, with massive free heat and a little low power radiation.
1 H2O+T ->He2++O2-+E+L+Xray
The X rays are energetic as those produced by your beating heart!  In other words not.  They struggle to publicise a blood vessel wall.  All biology does biological molecular nuclear fusion.
2 CO2+3H2O ->CH4+He+3O+L+Xray
This is why you breathe out methane and oxygen gases!  Your beating heart does it.  And you can take your pulse with a Geiger counter.  The hearts of arctic fish do it at -20° C.
10,000,000° C is a produced by atomic nuclear fusion in sun's Coronas.  We felt that a hydrogen plasma will do it quite happily at -196oC.  As the only refrigerant we had one hand was liquid nitrogen.
We also found out that a high Jim plasma liberates over 42 MW/m.  We think!  As it multi all our equipment in a 10th of a second.
Lightning demonstrates that a partial steam plasma will liberate a more manageable 6 MW/m.  The fire tubes in a working steam engine there a 1.2 MW/m.  And Richie temperature of 3000° C.
That use do not melt, due to the presence of liquid water.  So doing massively exothermic nuclear fusion.  64 times as exothermic as hyper toxic uranium fission.
And we do not produce any intermittent continental toxic death.
3 1H++e- ->n0 we are free hydrogen ions and electrons bond to form neutrons
4 1H++q n0->Eq3+L+Xray other hygiene ions are enriched, and undergo nuclear fission into massive heat with a little low power X ray radiation and visible light
5 16O2-+r n0(+81H+) ->161H++16e- (+8n0) the oxygen ions are enriched, and fission into 16 hydrogen ions and 16 free electrons.  Which become neutrons!  Each nuclear fission from oxygen converts a neutron into thermal energy.  Hence we may have eight electrons from the system.
It is quite 80 it will system!  The plasma can presses hygiene ions and electrons into neutrons.  And this causes the other ions to fission into pure thermal energy, we have a little visible light and low power X rays.
My experience at NI Parsons is that we get off week red light.  Metal light can only be produced by nuclear reactions.  They also told me about the emission of X rays from power generation systems!
Air is no X remission from chemical reactions.  So we are doing nuclear processes.  And there is no some stand to source of radioactive decay.  So were doing nuclear fission.  That is why the steam turbine cycle works so well.
Even a conventionally five power station does (molecular) nuclear fusion.  And disappointed that no professor of physics has sought to answer questions about this system.
I think they are still sore, after I pointed out that global photosynthesis converts additional carbon dioxide into extra plant biomass.  And in the Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth.  So global warming was only ever nuclear fiction designed to terrify the stupid.
So we can run a boiler with a 50x1cm steam plasma tube.  Started using a crank handle and accumulator.  To give us a pulse of electricity at 2000 volts.
Ever happily converts a fantastically minuscule volume of water into a constant 1.2 MW of heat.  We use this to run a steam turbine cycle.  Cooling the exit steam on central heating boiler.
So we end up with matter for central heating, and liquid water.  We loop back a fantastically small quantity of water into the plasma.  We are looking at 1/4 thimble four of regular water generating a religious in heat for a decade.
We loop back our water at 90° C.  If he did the boiler to a nice 40° C.  We will generate 6 MW of electricity.  Our own use will be less than 20 kW.
So we sell 5.5 MW to the national grade.  At 2P/kilowatt hour.  Generating an annual income of over 1.2 million pounds.  We burn no oil and gas ever.  We generate no carbon dioxide-which enhances life on earth.
The fossil fuels are massively overpriced.  And water falls from the skies basically for free.  And we convert such a tiny fraction into massive electricity and heat.  So the national grade look at power prices to only 1P/kilowatt hour.
So then people we are producing a lectures C at half the cost of present nuclear power.  It's person generating enough for 10 families.
Isn't hard to C that within two years no money wall by burning boiling gas to generate electricity.  Present nuclear power needs insurance of 10 billion power plant.
No commercial insurance above one billion is available.  The power station regulator has a legal duty to issue an immediate stop orders -back in 1986!  Why haven't they?
It looks rather like a massive financial compensation of the power station regulator.  In legal speak basic commercial fraud!

Jonathan Thomason

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