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Warming the air for free

28 March 2015
                The natural global climate started cooling 20 years ago.  All the extra carbon dioxide released into the air is taken in by plants within 5 minutes.  And converted into plant biomass.
                Fossil fuels were active biology in prehistory.  In the Jurassic there was twice the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.  There were three natural ice ages!  There was 65% more life on earth.  And sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                Any person on aware of this basic biological truth should be working
Education nor the media.  Photosynthesis limits the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.  The major life support system on land and in the seas.
                So we are left with a cooling global climate.  We can do saw me about this.  The seas are a near limitless solar collector.  But they collect and the low grade heat.
                My thanks here to my PH D supervisor.  Who has requested that I do not name him.  And sister are trying to make a decays for manmade global warming.  Were natural climate has been cooling since 1995.
                We have a a stainless steel helix in the seas a major lakes of the earth.  The great lakes in Canada can be utilised to warm the climate in North America.  We pass a lower temperature and pressure Carnot gas through this helix.  Ammonia is 1 such.
                This gas warms from -20 two about 5° C.  We then pressurise this gas!  And the doubling the pressure to aec to 270° C.  We pass this gas is an enclosed an immune the helix.  Her passes over the helix and he is warmed.  It rises.
                It drives a win turbines at the top of the including cylinder.  This generates power.  Which we convert from Washington DC to AC.  This power drives the Carnot pump.
                So we actually extract 0.002° C from the heat we take from water, and pass into the air.  This is a natural heat system of the earth magnified.
                Warm water flows back to the equator, giving up its heat on the way.  It meats the icecaps, it cools and sinks.  Working its way back to the equator!  Here in picks up solar heat and rises.  And is driven back to the poles.
                Of a Carnot heat and are loads of sacke liberate energy from the seas and lakes of the world, and flooded into the local air.  Once started, the system is self powering.
                In the hot countries we reverse the Carnot system.  No we cool the air, which is drawn into are enclosed cylinder again driving a captive in turbulent.  Now the high pressure gas flows into the seas, using the unwanted heat to the seas.
                Way it flows back naturally towards the poles.  We make the equatorial air cooler and lusher.  Plants will love it!  There will grow like mad.  Sucking in all the carbon dioxide they can get.
                Towards the poles the air will be warmer.  So rather than be covered in snow and dormant, plants will again be growing furiously.  Again sucking carbon dioxide out of the air.
                Circulating carbon dioxide is a limit to life on earth.
                Alternatively, do nuclear fusion from water

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