Thursday, 9 April 2015

GMC acts illegally

9 April 2015
The professionals who work at the AMA/GMC are licensed doctors and lawyers.  In 2002 the read the Moffitt double blind trial on high us clearing prostate cancer.  This works for all 200 cancers out there.
Instantly invalid ageing every biochemical patent out there.  For cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, IBS and the other diseases of age.
So 99.8% of a chemical patents were invalidated.  And every biochemical drug company on earth no operated at a loss.  They the fund the GMC, so there he remained totally inactive.
No registered medic is allowed to to teach, research or applying defective medicine.  The GMC has the legal duty of are registered doctors to abandon biochemistry.
National regulators around the world did not!  Resulting in the agonising deaths of 400 million people around the world.  Each death while doing a fine of $10,000,000.  Show by Dr., Hospital, health centre and drug company.  All now totally bankrupt!
To are talking about legal fine three times the economic wealth of the planet.  And every member of the GMC is now no longer a registered Dr. They are struck off!  And the biochemical drug industry no longer allowed to act in their health arena.
The same argument applies to the GMC and other national regulators.  No academic medic is allowed to research biochemical patents.  Have continued to!
And the biochemical industry has taken her patents backed by their research.  Now had totally void.  As are all biochemical treatments-no longer the best medicine.

Jonathan Thomason

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