Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Gold is not rare

7 April 2015
                It is the fifth most abundant element on earth: and I was taught during my master’s in to metallurgy in the 1980s.  It is just all concentrated in the earth’s core!  Little of it is carried to the surface.
                The cold that he is on the surface, was deposited by escaping the geothermal water.  This water flows around the earth’s mantle.  It actually cools down the molten lava in the earth’s core to form a mantle.
                It also dissolves heavy metals from the core.  40% gold metal.  Also platinum, silver, copper, titanium and even iron.  So if we drill down to a magma pocket (this is where high pressure water pools around the earth’s mantle) only 10 metres down, we get up water lower limit saturation of gold.
                So we drill down using ground sonar, and enter the pocket from below.  We give up a stream of dirty superheated water.  We give this water a slight vent, down from 8.4 atmospheres to 8.2.
                We pass it through a Dyson dry cleaner.  Which removes all the heavy metals.  Which we sell on to metals companies to produce as ingots.  Just too much gold.
                The last two years have seen global coal prices crashed: despite it being the greatest repository for well on the planet.  Although the resonant losing money!
                Because by then the pass the clean steam through a steam turbine, and generate near unlimited free electricity.  We then condense the steam and pump it to a local river course.
                So we are left with free electricity with just too much gold.  Why it does anyone be the most money in gold?  As people rump up geothermal energy production, we are going to get 10,000 times as much gold every year as we want.  It will cease to have any value.
                And we also get free electricity.  Using the waste heat of the earth’s core.  And one little bore hole

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