Saturday, 4 April 2015

Hypersonic flight

4 April 2015
                Today’s jet engines do nuclear fusion.

1              burning fossil fuels does (molecular) nuclear fusion
a              CmHn+pO2 ->(mCO2-E)+rH2O+s(He+O+E3+Xray) Tu= turbulence
                So oxidising the carbon fuel it takes in energy.  Locomotion regular water into he and oxygen gases loses massive heat and X rays.  There is no chemical source of X rays.  And very little 14C and the carbon fuel to do nuclear fission.
                The static fuel does vanishing the little radioactive decay.  Compare and contrast with a massive release of X rays as we burn the fuel.  Plants convert the carbon dioxide into plant biomass.  So more circulating organic carbon him the environment means more life!
                There is no more carbon dioxide in the global air and before the industrial revolution.  There is no such thing as man made climate change.  Man lives with the weather!  The sun makes it.
                Well a steam passes through the turbine it does more molecular nuclear fusion.  Physically if the turbine use it metal.  Which has an Face Centred Cubic the structure.
b             H2O+Tu ->He+O+E2+Xray
                The emission of X rays and production of helium was known about during my master’s degree in to engineering the 1980s.  But never explained.
                We get the same affect the steam turbines!  Which do molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is why they are so extensively used to generate electricity.
2              boiling water does molecular nuclear fusion

a              H2O+Tu ->He+O+E3+Xray
                Regular light water!  So no source of radioactive decay as all.  We King utilised this to drive a present jet aircraft at hypersonic speed.

                We modify the exhaust manifold, to be porous.  We pump in regular water, and get out steam at over 780° C 10 atmospheres.  Around the jet manifold we have a ring of nozzles.
                As a steam enters the turbulence of the jet exhaust, we do 2a again.  Increasing the speed of the jet from 680 miles per hour, to 1.2 Mach.  But we can do better than this.
                We and the steam to the combustion products, as mentioned above in 1b, we do more nuclear fusion in the jet engine.  The jet exhaust reaches 1200° C.  So we need to redesign the jet to have ceramics in the jet engine.  TiO he’s a useful ceramic her!  As again titanium has an Face Centred Cubic structure.
                Once operating, we turn off the aviation fuel until we want slow speed maneuvers are landing.  So we only burn aviation fuel are taken off and landing.
                And you fly a present jet aeroplane at hypersonic speed.  He leaned cerami heat shield was seen to be in order.  Or use of titanium or nickel metal.
                A present jet aircraft!  Faster than Concorde.  Releasing vanishing the little carbon dioxide.  Most of the journey at hypersonic speed driven by the nuclear fusion of regular water.

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