Sunday, 26 April 2015

Making money from HIUS

26 April 2015
                I like your idea of renting out device for the week!  £5 week (and it will clear all cancers etc. for a neighbourhood.)
                It is essential we find out how we do!  Kipping details of the person’s medical interventions: Medics are not allowed to treat or medicate the well.  An alternative would be to get our own ultrasound scanner – they are not that dear.
                My work on mental health suggests this will be a good income stream.  Medics have validated the work on cancer and heart disease.  Medics have refused to verify my work here! We need 20 individual HIUS disease clearances to be significant. I have done 30 diabetics over the world, but do not have records.
                Here type 1 only remits over 3 days.  A 1 appointment total cure.  It will not interfere with any biochemistry.
                I think your health day is a good idea.  We ask for contributions of at least £2 per session, but it is up to them!  We might look at charging for Rikki session, and add ultrasound for donations.
                We are not claiming it will totally cure the cancer, merely that it will reduce the cancer pain.  We should also look at weight loss sessions and clearing wrinkles, as they are uses the massage devices are sold to do!
                And as I pointed out, dieting is a 4 billion a year industry. My mother has validated it does work here.  As this why the devices are sold, there is no argument here.
                Your cancer people are late stage, so in serious agony. So offering non drug pain relief will be so welcome.  There next hospital session will prove the cancer is gone.

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