Friday, 3 April 2015

Restoring fertility

3 April 2015
                Restoring a man’s fertility is a matter of restoring the active portion of his brain.  Luckily physiotherapists have spent last 35 years publishing medical documents on repairing limb damage.
                The same idea also works for all body organs.  We one external application of High Intensity UltraSound.  I find that a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device is are medically licensed and fantastically inexpensive HIUS device.
                Of these will clear all cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  In heart disease applied to the top left the chest and also the kidneys.  Diabetes there wasn’t right of the chest and also the kidneys.  Cancer externally to the affected organ.
                To repair head damage (even if the result of natural ageing) we are apply repeatedly for a minute to each side or the head.  I have uses are my air in historic head injury.  And it has incredible restorative effects.
                No more Viagra.  In the days of the Roman empire, there were instances where you next could maintain a healthy erection.  They are obviously prized slaves!
                So are man is sexual function is totally restored.  Along with his memory and cognitive function.  No are simple animals, designed to administer sperm.
                Women’s puberty is governed by the hormone secretion of the brain.  So the levels is a simple function of the shrinkage of the active brain area.  But the companys ageing.  Heavy drinking or drug taking can also produce an early menopause.
                Again HIUS application for a minute to each side or the head will progressively repair the brain shrinkage we have seen naturally.
                One very welcome side effects, is hair regrowth.  In my direct experience it cataracts male pattern baldness and alopecia.  Your own natural hair regrowth is so obviously better than weeks or surgery.
                The G P’s surgery could the minister high intensity ultrasound to its immediate patients, and have a massive affect on human ageing.
                High us to the chest, throat and nose for just ½ minute will totally clear all infections.  Biochemical prescriptions are now defective medicine-prohibited by the Hippocratic earth.
                Similarly with cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  The major cash cow of medicine today.  Giving HIUS sessions to its patients could have almost rustic affect on human ageing.  Providing extra years of quality life.  Something Bio chemistry has singularly failed to do.
                6 months after a woman has recommend must have periods, it is totally safe for her to get pregnant.  This is a total boon for women who have experience in early menopause.  Or for whom the time has never been right to have a family.

Jonathan Thomason

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