Friday, 3 April 2015

Safe power

3 April 2015
                Is a steam plasma!  It turns regular water into energy, were my to light and low power X ray radiation.  Induces no solid radioactive waste!  None of the intermittent continental toxic death of uranium fission.  Eight utilises no enriched isotopes.  Just regular water!  No for the technical bit.
                In the steam plasma, we have atomic ions and free electrons.  The hydrogen ions are basically a proton bonded to one or more neutrons.  These are only interact with electrons and other hydrogen ions.
1              tH++e- ->(t+1) n0               the hydrogen ions bond with free electrons to form several neutrons.
2              21H+ ->He2+      two hydrogen ions bond to form a proton ion.  In the gas plasma the tornado nuclear fission back to hydrogen.
3              He2++r n0 ->2+rHe2+ ->21H+
4              1H++u n0 ->1+uH+ ->Eu3+L+Xray    this is the most a dynamic nuclear fusion in the universe.  Converting hydrogen into massive energy, light and X rays.
                This process happens in the Corona of every young star!  The hydrogen atoms end up as a massive energy.  Making young stars blue hot.
                Hydrogen fission converts 2/3 mass into energy.  Uranium fission only converts 1/64th of the mass into energy.  Yes I know these figures are only approximations!  But they are close to the actual numbers.
                So present nuclear power utilises enriched uranium.  Converting very little mass into energy.  And producing stratospherically little matter into energy.
                A steam plasma is a far better system!  The hydrogen and helium end up as free energy.  So does the oxygen.
5              16O2-+8 n0+81H+ ->161H++24e-
                The other eight electrons bond to of hydrogen ions, to form the neutrons!  And each nuclear fission converts the oxygen into lower atomic masses.
6              O+3n0 ->2B+2n0 -> 4Be+1n0 -> 8He
                So all the marks of the water molecule ends up as free energy.  No toxic radioactive waste.  And every biological organism on earth gets at energy from molecular nuclear fusion.
                A steam plasma is a most convenient form of physical molecular nuclear fusion.  Have a surface temperature of 10,000,000° C.  Looking for is only a bulk temperature of 3498o C.  Which we used to run a steam cycle.
                A working steam engine has turbulent steam in the fire tubes in the boiler.  Filled with a steam plasma from the consumer products in turbulent flow.  They are also reach a temperature of 3000° C.
                So we generate electricity.  And contain the light and X rays within the plant.  So we produce unlimited free electricity.  With no fossil fuel burn.  No carbon dioxide generation.
                Carbon dioxide stimulates plant growth!  And supports life on earth.  Man made climate change was biological rubbish invented by nuclear power to be believed by the stupid.  Not for a nano second anywhere near the truth.
                But now we have access to unlimited free electricity: my thanks go to the late professor Argent, who got me on my Chemical Engineering Ph.D.  In 2000.
                In a recognition of my paper on the failure of nuclear power to account for the decommissioning costs of its used power stations.  At the time I had not thought about 100,000 years of the storage of toxic used fission rods.  Another hidden expence.
                Which makes uranium fission the most uneconomic Energy System ever devised!  The most hyper toxic industry that will ever be allowed to operate on earth.  And must instantly be halted.
                My thanks to Bo Richards BA for first a lot up to the uneconomic nature of nuclear power.  Not her real name!  LOL Bo.

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.
Jonathan Thomason

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