Sunday, 5 April 2015

Ultimate clean safe free energy

5 April 2015
                Is molecular nuclear fusion.  A steam plasma does MNF, and produces clean heat.
1              H++e- ->n0           for us to the hydrogen ions and free electrons bond to form neutrons.
2              1H++r n0 ->Er3+L+Xray+(r-1)n0     the enriched hydrogen ion undergo as nuclear fission into free energy.  Spitting out some the surplus neutrons.
                When he enriched uranium and he does nuclear fusion, it converts eight neutrons into energy.  This is 1/64th of its total mass.  We are getting nuclear fission of hydrogen from tritium and above.
                We convert 2/3rd mass into energy.  And produce no toxic radioactive waste.  Uranium fission produces radioactive waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years.
                The only answer nuclear power has to have this problem, is to ground storing it in waterpools.  One decent earthquake, and we get the release of enough radiation to extinguish all life in the country, and a significant part of the continent.
                Hydrogen fission produces no solid radioactive waste.  And the heat, light and low power X rays.  Spitting out the surplus neutrons, to repeat the process.
                We are looking at the prohibition of 48 W, from an atom the dimensions 10-12.  So we only want to use 5x10-7 L of regular water.  This is a frighteningly tiny amount.
                100 MW power station will consume a thimble full of regular water a decade.
                Fossil fuel burning converts some of its mass into energy.
3              CmHn+pO2 ->(mCO2-E)+rH2O+s(He+O+E2+L+Xray)
                So oxidising the carbon compound takes in heat.  It is only the massively exothermic molecular nuclear fusion we are doing, that makes the whole cycle exothermic.  There is no chemical source of visible light or X rays.
                So ever since man started burning hydrocarbons, he has been doing nuclear fusion.  Without realizing it.  Uranium fission is 60,000 times as efficient at turning matter into energy.
                Hydrogen fission is 21 times as exothermic as uranium fission.  And totally nontoxic.  Using no enriched isotopes.  Basically the system is free.
                The Bertdo science I was not aware of the 2001, as I told Sheffield University about molecular nuclear fusion was that protons and electrons do not annihilate.  They form the composite sub atomic particles of a neutron.
                And that unwinds matter into energy.  The light and X rays are easily contained in the plant.  Crucially hydrogen fission produces no solid radioactive waste.
                And matzinger is such a dense form of energy.  A steam plasma converts all the water molecule first into hydrogen, then into free energy.
                This week nuclear power could fire up a steam plasma tube.  And then use such tubes to totally replace toxic uranium fission tubes.  The level of science is easily manageable as high school.
                We need a glass tube with endstoppers.  We have electrical contacts on each end.  We use the electronics from a fluorescent light.  To fire up the plasma.
                Are cells so the steam is a regular wallpaper stripper.  Above four atmospheres the plasma self sustain.  It only requires a pulse of electricity at 2000 volts 0,01 amps to initialise.
                We top up the steam using a hypodermic needle filled with water.  The needle lies within the plasma, so he is at 1000° C.  So a tiny amount of water, boils off into how he nearly insignificant amount of steam.
                The whole system produces massive heat.  An utilises very nearly no water!  Will struggle to measure the water consumption.
                We require end stops on the hypodermic needle, to prevent the plunger shooting across a room.  A simple Geiger counter will measure the emission of radiation.
                If we immerse the tube in water, will produce in a steam to drive a 40 kW steam cycle.  The devices can be purchased over the Internet for under 370 UK pounds.  So power with no fossil fuel bound.
                It turns out that all and gas are totally energy deficient.  Massively overpriced.
                Whereas uranium fission is stratospherically toxic.  And if the cost of storing the used fission tubes, and decommissioning the plants plants is taken into account, totally uneconomic.
                The subject on my university essay in 1983.  But professor argent said was the most insightful undergraduate essay you ever read.  Turns out to been totally correct.
                Three years before the Chernobyl incident demonstrated that uranium fission should be globally prohibited today.  Or it will extinguish all life on earth
Jonathan Thomason

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