Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Plants TAKE in CO2

Plants evolved to take in CO2
1 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+O2+UV->Cm(H2O)n+r(He2++O32-+L+E2+X-ray
Plants GIVE out a faint blue light and X-rays as they do photosynthesis. There is no chemical source of visible light, helium or X-rays: plants do molecular nuclear fusion in the light.
Cm(H2O)n being carbohydrates.
So plants excrete oxygen, and build carbohydrates as they do nuclear fusion down to 0oC. Every plant of Earth.
The limit to life is circulating organic carbon. The Cretaceous and Jurassic mass extinctions tied up carbon in the deep -as deep coal deposits.
2 Cm(H2O)n+P+T → mC+nH2O
As geothermal water peculates through deep coal deposits the form methane – natural gas. This is why life fossil are found in coal deposits
3 C+2H2O+P+T->CH4
5 CH4+(Pt)->CmHn+(Pt) CmHn=petrol and diesel oil
So the fossil fuels used to be active biology. The Jurassic had 65% more life than today! And sea levels 60m lower in a warm period. Photosynthesis life twice the CO2 in the air.
But during the 3 natural ice ages, free CO2 double again! To 4 times todays level. So CO2 is a climate follower, that rises in ice ages.
So CO2 levels follow the wax and wane of plant life, that in turn FOLLOWS the weather. We thinks GW was stupid science only idiots would ever have believed.

The proponents of this nuclear fiction should not even be in primary education. They are dangerous morons.

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