Monday, 29 June 2015

Warming Siberia

Back to nuclear fusion! We use a chain of steam plasma tubes: 50x1cm tubes. At 4 atmosphere these generate 1.2 MW of energy! Most of it heat.
We use photoelectric strips to turn some of the produced light into electrical power. Though we only need to pump in 1cc of distilled water a year! At a massive overestimate.
The steam plasma does nuclear stuff
1 H++e- → n0 so the hydrogen ions and free electron bond to form neutrons
2 1H++r n0 ->1+rH+->Er3+L+X-ray the neutrons enrich other hydrogen ions, which undergo nuclear fission into energy, light and X-rays.
1.2 MW is loads of heat! But the fire tubes in a working steam engine reached 3000oC, and did not melt due to the presence of water at 120oC. We have water around 0oC. So we warm the Siberian rivers.
So we stop them freezing over. They actually form warm mists, which warm and wet the local air. This could make such a huge difference to the economic activity there.
We do the same idea near the estuary of the St Lawrence river. And stop the formation and calving of ice bergs. So we no longer have the hazards of free ice bergs.
If we do this along the length of rivers in Canada, we will warm and wet Canada. And once started, the tubes run for free. Replacing direct sun light.

Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall

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