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Biochemistry defective

23 August 2014 at 8:47
Drs are very proud of only applying the best medicine – as required by the Hippocratic oath. But biochemistry has not been the best answer to cancer for 13 years! And is not the best answer for heart disease, or the diseases of age.
The Hippocratic oath requires every registered Dr to be aware of, and then apply new medical developments. So every registered Dr knows about High Intensity UltraSound – or be struck off the first date they prescribe biochemistry.
Every day they remain in medical service is medical malpractice. Incurring a massive payout from the doctors insurance. Totalling 8 times the total economic worth of the planet.
The work in 2002 was on prostate cancer. So no Dr could prescribe biochemistry si9nce then. It applied to the structures causing the diseases of age.
No registered Dr could teach, research or prescribe defective medicine. So every Dr who has been taught biochemical treatments is no longer a Dr. And 60% of a medical course is biochemistry.
So medical schools could not research biochemistry for cancers since 2002. They must return all monies for research, shred the papers, and ensure the Drs are no longer working in medicine: and return all salaries paid to them since 2002.
2012 Drs should HIUS to the top left of the chest and the kidneys cleared coronary heart disease: other heart problems respond to HIUS to the heart mass. No biochemical treatment since that time.
Arthritis is also caused by an inflated structure. That is very mobile, and requires HIUS to the affected joint. My friend had breast cancer and arthritis. Her video in on YouTube.
HIUS to either side of the head clears mental health problems – as I have been blogging about since 2012. And familiar to every registered Dr on Earth. Who was instantly prohibited from prescribing biochemistry.
Specialist Mental Health Hospitals like Briely Court have continued to apply defecti9ve medicine: my nursing friend works there, and told the Drs personally.
Care UK reacted by selling the hospital – which still uses defective medicine. So every Dr on Earth has been applying defective medicine.

The Hippocratic oath is very clear. They instantly had to remove themselves from the medical register, and never work in Health again.
The GMC is the 4th highest court in the UK. Inferior to the British Council, The House of Lords and the European Court of Human Justice.
And medics have been applying defective medicine there – ensuring members died in outstanding agony. I have personal friends at the British Council, who have been using a 150 W 40 kHz ultrasonic massage device to clears their cancers. No GP involvement.
I now use a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device. Cheaper to run, and more effective.

So Drs have killed 400 million people around the world since 2002, by prescribing defective medicine. Hitler only killed 60 million.
A 5 W device will clear all infections – applied to the chest, throat and nose. Ensuring no cancer or the diseases of age form.
HIUS to the chest will clear all viruses included HIV, Ebola – and SARs has now vanished into the history books.
Drs applying defective medicine cease to be Drs. They must return all galleries since 2002, and get 25 years in jail for each avoidable death. 2/3rds of medical practices in the UK is running at a loss. After the damages payouts, all medical practices and hospitals are bankrupt.

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