Monday, 17 August 2015

Christie is defective

The Christie Hopital Manchester prides itself on using the best medicine. But medicine moves on. And in 2002 h Moffitt cancer centre totally cured cancer at 1 appointment using High Intensity UltraSound.
Every medic on the planet has promised to be aware of, evaluate and apply only bet medicine.
In 2002 biochemical treatments, surgery and radiotherapy became defective medicine. X-rays were prohibited from the 1980s.
So of course the Cristie would change over to HIUS. No. It still uses biochemistry – and other 20th century medicine – now globally prohibited.
Every medic at the christie has used defective medicine. The Hip[pocratic oath is quite clear – as such indi viduals are no longer Drs. So must return all salieries. And face full legal sanction for deliberate;y, and knowingly killing their patients.
In my experience, external application of 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound from a device bought over the internet will even clear late stage inoperable liver cancer.
So how many ptients have the doctors at the chritie killed for their financial gain? How many years hav e the drs remained in medical service, after being struck from the medical register.

Or have the GMC chosen not to enforce the hippocratic oath – the professional oath we all depend on.

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