Monday, 10 August 2015

Clearing cancer

In 2002 medics at the Moffitt cancer centre cleared cancer at one appointment using High Intensity UltraSound.
Since then biochemical treatments have been defective medicine – globally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
Every prescribing medic is no longer a registered doctor. And every day the remain at their desk is medical malpractice.
Each avoidable death warrens a fine of $10 million against the doctor, health centre and drug company: lawyers will have to decide the fine against the GMC and AMA for failure of guidance.
The duty of administrating the Hippocratic oath is removed from such doctors self interest groups, and returned to the lawyers.
Every nursing office has an 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound unit designed for physiotherapist use.. This is HIUS. External application will clears all cancers. Application to the lungs will clear all soft body cancers plus all infections.
Clearing infections stops the development of cancers and the diseases of age. A 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device can be purchased for under 20 UK pounds over the internet. It is a medically licensed unit – which acts as a HIUS device.
2012 medics published the use of HIUS to the top left of the chest and the kidneys to totally clear coronary heart disease. Only 30 seconds of the above ultrasound does the job.
HIUS for ½ a minute to the bottom right of the chest clears ALL diabetes: though type 1 take 3 days to remit. From a single session of HIUS.

HIUS for the same time to each side of the brain clears mental health diseases. I have cleared Parkinson's, MS, Alzheimer's, depression and schizophrenia. I am now working on ADHD – with good results.
Without cancer, the biochemical industry and doctors go bankrupt. Heart disease does not give enough income – and is cured now anyway. Medics are desperate for serious conditions they can treat imperfectly – resulting in the patients extended and agonising death.
HIUS cures them all! The conditions are caused by inflated viral and bacterial fragments. They have to be over inflated in order to divide and grow in the human body.
HIUS causes biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion – only in such pathogen rumps. The cells heat up, and explosively fragment. Inducing the immune system to clear the cell type throughout the body.
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray
This is the source of the X-rays medics use to detect cancers and such. There is no biochemical source of X-rays.
Physics has been writing papers for 30 years, on ultrasound causing the near instantaneous boiling of liquid water. At 5 W 40 Khz, cancers give out X-rays. At 5 W 1 MHz they are totally destroyed at one appointment.
Which is why medics have not adopted HIUS – the world's first one appointment total cure to cancer: medically published 2002. They boast they use the best medicine.
They do not! Having killed ½ a billion of their own patient since 2002. Demand HUIS from your doctor – medically proved to be the best medicine.

If they do not give it, change doctor. Or better still get your own massage device from Ebay. And cure yourself for 20 UK pounds.

Cancer Is Cured

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We live in remarkable times. Xi years ago American medics cure to cancer. Using no drugs or surgery. Just a single application of high intensity ultrasound. This book explains how it works! It also cures heart disease and diabetes,

My story

I Live!

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In 1988 I suffered 30% brain damage. Now I am a published poet, video maker, singer, and medic

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