Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Criminal Christie

In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in Florida used high intensity ultrasound, to clear cancer at one appointment. I used to work in ultrasound, so spent 6 months looking into it.
Every registered Dr had to aware of, evaluate and apply new medical developments – if the were bet medicine.
I first used 150 W 40 Khz ultrasound, from a massage device I bought over the internet. That came with medical licensing as safe. I did not affect body cells, clearing scaring and damaged cells.
But cancer cells have to be pressurised to grow in a single cell manor – body cells bud off DNA intact stem cells.
150 W will clear all cancer in ½ a minute of external application. I now use the slightly more effective 5 W 1 MHz – again medically licensed.
Applied to the lungs, it will clear all viral and bacterial infections. Which like cancers have to be overinflated to grow.
Medics use HIUS 2012 to clear coronary heart disease – apply the HIUS to the top left of the chest and the kidneys.

A both things were medically published, registered Drs were prohibited from biochemical prescriptions. Or the ceased to be registered Drs. The head Dr stated the Christie do not apply defective medicine.
Since the development of HIUS, biochemical treatments, radiotherapy and surgery all all defective medicine. And every registered Dr was aware op this. Included the surgeons that carried out the medical procedures. The medically unethical interventions.
Even if the patient lived, they have a massive claim against the hospital and surgical team. I applied HUIS to me friend, by the medics still gave her surgery. Saw there was no cancer, and sowed her up again.

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This is criminal! A simple ultrasound scan would have shown she was free of the cancer.
The Cristie kill 59% of the paying patients! Patients who put there lives in the hands on the NHS. And die.
HIUS has a 100% success rate in clearing cancer. So all the 20th century ideas are now illegal! The Cristie's killing spree is criminal.
Each death warrants a fine of £10 million, and 25 years in jail for each of the medical team. Who have acculturated 10,000 years in jail each!
No medic should ever refer patients to the Cristie, to be killed by the application of defective medicine.  HIUS to each side of teh head clears all mental health problems: MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and schizoprenia.
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It goes without saying, no Dr at the Cristie is anymore a registered Dr. No research work on defective medicine is allowed – so all radiotherapy must stop.

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