Sunday, 30 August 2015

Curing infection

Both viruses and bacteria must have an inflated structure, in order to grow in the human body: bacteria are given a minimal cell wall, as the ever helpful B cells copy their genome.
This means that giving somebody a drip of IL-2&4 will produce the human antibody to endothelial growth factor secretion by non blood vessel cells. This makes the cell over inflated and prone to cell division.
No over inflated structure, and the virus/bacteria does not grow, and cause disease. I told the medics this in 2004, they have shown no interest at all in curing all infections out there.
Then in 2010 I read about the result of my idea of applying high powered ultrasound to cancers. A fellow PhD student told me that ultrasound causes the rapid boiling of water. 150 W 40 kHz will cause inflated cells to experience cell content boiling, while leaving the more flaccid body cells unaffected.
I now use the more effective 5 W 1 MHz. The effectiveness is given by the power frequency product. For power over 1.5 W.
Applied to the lungs, this produces the active antibody to all infections! My idea from 2004, using cell biology. Apply the ultrasound for ½ a minute to the chest, throat and nose. The infection is gone in 4 hours.
Making all fungal antibiotics defective medicine – prohibited by the Hippocratic oath. Which also prohibits any research into these compounds.
Applied to a cancer primary, it causes the cancer cells to fragment – producing and actioning the human antibody. So we clear all primary and secondary cancer cells.
High Intensity UltraSound applied to the top left of the chest and the kidneys – as medically published 2012. So no registered Dr since then has been allowed to prescribe heart medication.
If they have – they are no longer Drs. They get25 years in jail, and a 10 million fine, for every avoidable death they have caused.
I have just seen a former diabetic sugaring her tea: she also eats cakes – and even doughnuts. Her type 2 diabetes succumbed to HIUS. But confirming she no longer has diabetes would reduce her benefits. But she is not sugar intolerant.
Type 2 diabetes only remits after 3 days: this puzzled me seriously. But all my American friends told me the disease had gone – three days after the HIUS application.
HIUS also clears all mental health problems. ½ a minute to each side of the head, and no biochemistry. It totally clears Alzheimer's, MS, Parkinson's and Schizophrenia. My 2 Schizophrenic friend had her medication stolen – and never replaced.
So every mental health hospital on Earth can now clear all mental health problems – with no cell biology. Hence her in the UK, a private health company has suddenly sold a local mental health hospital – that 5 years ago was a gold mine. Now emptying of patients. All cured.
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All doctors not using HIUS and not applying bet medicine – so instantly cease to be registered Drs. So no cancers, heart disease, diabetes, MS, Alzheimer's and other mental health problems.
All caused by an inflated structure left behind by a person's infective past. That starts diving to the limit, once it starts doing viral replication. All cleared by external application of HIUS.
Since 2002 no Dr has been allowed ethically to prescribe biochemical treatments. To do so would instantly to delete yourself from the medical registers. Every day after this, and medicine is medical malpractice -the biggest court cases out there.
The final area is head and spinal injuries. In 1988 I suffered 30% brain damage in a car accident. I have applied HIUS to my own head – tentatively at first. I am now a lyrist and theatre singer.
I have used HIUS on my own head – tentatively at first. My eyes no nearly align! 20 years after my accident. I have also got 9 books and e-books out there. Look on and Amazon Kindle.

HIUS clears a;; the disease of age – including asthma and arthritis. With no cell biology. Which is the major ash stream of GPs and Hospitals. Now totally unethical – for 13 years. No reason ever to write out a prescription. Every Dr on Earth is no longer permitted to.

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