Friday, 7 August 2015

Fusion is here

I sent ITER the work of Dr Z and myself, about the helical flow of hydrogen gas doing nuclear fusion. A process that scales exponentially with pressure. Too energetic a system.
They built a little rig that reached 15,000oC, from the flow of hydrogen gas on its own. No source of combustion. Then they sacked all their research hers, as their major funded was present nuclear power, who did not want them ever to find a way to do exothermic nuclear fusion.
I think the way is go is Molecular Nuclear Fusion – which lightening strikes do. Hence the release of X-rays and light – when there is no chemical source of either. Or the he gas produced.
Water is ten 10 hydrogen atoms bound together. The hydrogen ions bond with free electrons. And they progressively cause O ions to fission, into smaller and smaller ions. Until we are left with just hydrogen.
The neutrons cause the hydrogen to fission into massive energy, with light and X-rays. So a steam plasma is a damped down H plasma. Ultimate clean free energy.
No CO2, and no hyper toxic radioactive waste. Where ever nature has high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow, we see the producing of He and O gases, with the release of massive heat, X-rays and light.
So ITER has found how to do massively exothermic nuclear fusion, and sacked all its workers. And bought their silence.
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube releases a constant 1.2 MW, utilising 1cc or regular water every decade. This is the power requirement for 300 houses.
And the national grid will pay 3000 UK pounds per KW year. 15 million a year.
Suddenly burning fossil fuels looks amazingly over priced. And present uranium fission ever dearer and more toxic.
All present nuclear plants could replace fission rods with steam plasma tube. 5.8MW/m! So 11.6 MW from a 2m metre tube. 9 tube couplets to drive a 100 MW power station continuously. Burning no oil or gas. Producing no toxic waste, utilising no enriched uranium.

Free safe power. On David Cameron's watch. The Labour party are no in favour of fracking, and want dearer power for all. So they will be very upset at free power for all.

Natural Earth Power

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Any waterfall over one metre high had around the earth from regular water. A lightening bolt gives off X-rays, as it generates massive power. Neture on Earth is full of teh generation of Melium via the interaction of water molecules - molecular hydrogen

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