Monday, 24 August 2015

HIUS is safe and cheap

I used to work in ultrasound – as it is dangerous stuff – but I was using 2K ultrasound.
Body cells experience ultrasound burns above 180 W 40 kHz. But the structures causing the diseases age of, primarily cancers, need to have an inflated structure in order to grow and cause disease.
So this means their cells experience cell content boiling at only 90 W 40 Khz I was reminded that ultrasound causes rapid fluid boiling during my PhD in2000. This boiling effect scales exponentially with cell pressure.
Eureka – here is how to remove cancers (Hear disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, mental health problems, IBS...). We apply what the Americans term High Intensity Ultrasound externally to the cancer.
The cheapest medically licensed source in a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device bought over the internet. It will destroy all cancers. Applied to the top left of the chest and the kidneys it clears coronary heart disease. Applied to the bottom right of the chest it clears all types of diabetes.
GPs are very annoyed! These are all diseases biochemistry charges a fortune to not cure. Cancers kill horribly within 2 years. 1 ½ minute application of HIUS, like from a massage device, will clear the disease. Removing any need to see the doctor.
Drs have promised to use best medicine, so from 2002 they had to use HIUS. They didn't. Being massively paid to kill ½ billion of the own patients.
The Cristie Hospital kills 59% of its own patients. And charges to apply defective medicine. It no longer has any registered Drs and nurses as a result.
So just ½ a minute of 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound will clear all cancers. But even 1 hour will not affect body cells. It selectively clears all diseases of age. Medically licensed! Safe and fantastically cheap to use.

Applied to the chest, throat and nose, it will clear all viral and bacterial infections: though you will feel rough for the next 4 hours. No cancer. No need ever to see the GP – who has been stuck off anyway.

Ultrasound - cancer cure

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Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz appli


Reinhardt von Bruenken said...

Hi Jon, I read your blog... I'm baffled... You mean to tell me, that a simple 1MHz ultrasoud massage device, with a minimum power of 5W will destroy every cancer? Even in the middle of the body, where according to the product data the ultrasound will not reach? Or are you talking about this 150W devices to burn fat and will penetrate deeper?

Well, I shall order your book, because this is the first time I hear about this. And I thought I know all the "poor mans" weaponry concerning this issue.

Would be nice to hear more from you...


Jonathan Thomason said...

I first used 150 W 40kHz. 100% effective. HIUS only needs to penetrate half waythrough the body to remove all cancers. Also 100% effective. Do you have any data I could read?

Jonathan Thomason said...

HIUS could be the most important science ver.