Monday, 17 August 2015

Infinite nature power

In a rain storm we have the chaotic interaction of water molecules. These smash molecules together – exposed hydrogens first: The valency electron is displaced towards the oxygen ion, so we get hydrogen ions interacting.
1 n0xp++n0yp0 ->(2+x+y)He2++E
Basically the protons bond to form a helium ion, with associated neutrons. Some of these neutrons are liberated in a lightening bolt, along with visible light and X-rays. We are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
In a glass tube we get different reactions
2a (1+z)H++e- ->z n0 the hydrogen ions bond with free electron, to produces neutrons
2b 16O2-+s n0 ->neuclear fissions->8aH+
2c H++r n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray
So we convert all the water molecule into light, heat and other high frequency electro magnetic radiation. No hyper toxic radioactive waste.
And 8 times the energy of toxic uranium fission. From a much small atom. Basically infinite clean power.
So a steam plasma liberates 1.2 MW from a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 bars. Burning fossil fuels only liberates 45 kW. A steam engine had fire tubes filled with combustion products in turbulent flow.
Basically a lightening strike in a metal tube. They ran at 3,000oC, and did not melt due to the presence of the liquid water carrying the heat away.
This is the situation if we have steam plasma tubes in a boiler room. Though I might opt for 5mm steam plasma tubes, which will liberate only 300 kW (sic).
We condense the used steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump, which will recycle 85% of the system heat to the boiler.
We want 6 tubes in the water, and 6 in the super heat chamber, where we heat the pure steam to 745oC. Pure steam – no combustion products. So we generate a constant 100 MW, using only 3cc of regular water a decade.
No gas or oil burn – and no hyper toxic uranium fission. We use hydrogen fission via a steam plasma to generate all our heat and power.

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Any waterfall over one metre high had around the earth from regular water. A lightening bolt gives off X-rays, as it generates massive power. Neture on Earth is full of teh generation of Melium via the interaction of water molecules - molecular hydrogen

A single 50x1cm steam plasma will generate all the electricity for 300 houses. Generating an annual income of 1.4 million UK pounds. Without any CO2 or plutonium.

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