Saturday, 8 August 2015

Reverse the menopause

Is not hard! I accidentally did it using a % W 1 MHz massage device, for 1 minute to each side of the head. This is what is termed High Intensity UltraSound. It clears cancers, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, IBS and mental health problem.
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I had 30% brain injuries, and had the device because of my interest in cancer: medics in Florida had found it was a 1 appointment fix. So no registered doctor is allow to teach, research or prescribe biochemistry for cancers.
I had a left sided mid temporal lobe brain injury: but I now work as a theatre lyrist and singer. If you are in the Manchester are Google 'Deep Water', which we do with the Royal Exchange on the 28th & 29th August 2015.
My video people will also be You-Tubing it. So we get to sing our own songs! Look up 'Love Connection' on YouTube today. Thank you Asida for the tune. Let's Rock!
My friend had just gone through the menopause – she never wanted kids, so she was not too bothered. But she was bothered about her thinning hair.
I knew from experience that HIUS thickened and darkened hair! So no need to be bald, or wear a wig. I gave her 30 seconds to each side of the head. And she started having periods again.
I turns out that a girl fertility is linked to the active size of her brain. I am now over 50, and have no trouble with me erections – no need for Viagra.
The revises from Ebay are available for 16 UK pounds. Plied to the head, the reverse the decline we see in mental and sexual function as we age. So of course it reverses the Menopause: easy to declare, after you see it work.
So all those girls who have gone through the menopause and not had children, can rewind their body age.
That is what HIUS does. I restores the body to an earlier time. With no need or regular potions. Just use you HIUS device ever week on your head.
If you feel an illness coming on, ½ a minute to the chest, throat and head. Will cure the infection. HIUS to the head will restore the vitality of the immune system anyway.
And we can now fix all strokes and head injuries. So no registered doctor is allowed to research biochemistry mitigating the effects of a stroke. HIUS will totally fix it.
But only begin using HIUS, one month after the stroke or head injury. The Hippocratic oath prohibits all medical work on strokes. Any doctor is instantly dismissed from the heath service, for life.

So 2015, I have demonstrated HIUS will even fix a traumatic frontal lobe brain damage. This what I needed to know after my injuries.

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