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Sell biochem

Sell biochem
2002 the Moffitt cancer hospital published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer at one appointment.
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray
So ultrasound sets of biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the pressurised cancer cells. All the diseases of age have to be pressurised, in order to grow in the body. Body cells are made at DNA intact stem cells – cancer is locked out.
This is why all 200 types of cancer give out X-rays in response to low power ultrasound scans. So in response to external application of HIUS, all cancers explosively fragment – as the cell experiences cell content boiling.
Hard body cancers now stimulate clustering dendrites, to make and action the specific human antibodies to clear that cell type from the body and brain. There are 6 common human antibodies, and pills of these enzymes would clear all cancers! A useful drug.
So existing biochemical drug companies no have no ethical medicine they can make and promote.
And no GP can prescribe defective medicine – and all existing anticancer drugs are unethical! People would prefer to die AT DIGITAS, RATHER THAN TAKE THEM.
One little 5 W 1 MHz, or 150 W 40 kHz, or the 8 W 3 £MHz device in the GP's nursing office will clear all cancers. You can buy them from Ebay from $18. No GP or hospital involvement required.
And all GPs on Earth have to use HIUS to clear all cancer: and not prescribe defective biochemistry.
So biochemical shares are on the way down to $0. Even compatible drug company shares. As no Dr can prescribe any biochemistry.
 China take note: there is no patent protection for defective technology like biochemistry. But every doctor knew 2002 that biochemistry was defective. So no matter how cheap, they were not allowed to prescribe it.
So no doctor can prescribe ANY biochemical treatment – including those from China and Vietnam. And there are some huge court cases just about to fine Chinese drug firms 1.2 trillion Renimbe.

1 H2O +美國 - >他+ O + E2 + X射線
生物分子核聚變的加壓癌細胞所以超聲波套。年齡所有的疾病都被加壓,以便在體內生長。人體細胞製成的DNA完整的幹細胞 - 癌症被鎖定。
這就是為什麼所有200種癌症發出的X射線響應於低功率超聲掃描。因此,在應對HIUS的外部應用程序,所有的癌症爆炸碎片 - 的細胞經歷單元格內容沸騰。
而且沒有GP可以給你開藥缺陷 - 與所有現有的抗癌藥物是不道德的!人們寧可死在DIGITAS,而不是把他們。
一個小5瓦為1 MHz或150 W 40 kHz或在GP的護士辦公室8 W 3£MHz器件將清除所有癌症。您可以從易趣從$ 18購買。沒有家庭醫生或醫院參與要求。
因此,生化股票在下跌$ 0的方式。即使兼容的製藥公司股票。由於沒有醫生可以開任何生物化學。
因此,沒有醫生可以開任何生化處理 - 包括來自中國和越南。還有一些巨大的法庭案件剛想優秀的中國製藥公司1.2萬億Renimbe。

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