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Water charge a car

Double mgp

When you burn petrol or diesel, there are two reactions
1 C12H26+19O2->12CO2+13H2O-13E
2 C12H26+12O2 ->12CO2+13He+12E2+X-ray
We can increase the conbustion pressure, using tubochargers. This does increase the thirst of the engine. There is no chemical source of Helium X-rays, but a working internal combustion engine produces both He and X-rays.
The simplest idea would be to Titanium plate the working surfaces of the engine. For a 200 UK pounds electro plate, we double the mpg of the engine. We halve the fuel burn.
This can be done on existing engnies, and we tweat the carboretta or fuel injection system to halveteh fuel injected into the engine. The Arabs will hate this – as we halvethe amuont of petrol or diesel we use.
There is another idea being used today. We inject water. This does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
3 H2O+X-ray ->He+O+E2+X-ray and the X-rays loop around
So we substitue regular water, for more fuel. And we note, we do not havethe endothermic oxidation of the carbon ion: oxidising carbon takes in energy.
So we use a smaller injection of petrol to start the engine off doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
With diesel engines it is easier. Because at the pressures required to start off the oxidation of carbon fuels, water diesels
4 CmHn+pO2 ->mCO2+nH2O-E or mCO2+r(He+O+E3)
I was told watyer would diesel durig my PhD in 2001 – but I went off singing on stage before I could follow it up. I talked to them about Molecular Nuclear Fusion in 2010, but they water to cofirm Global Warming which had ended 1995. The department at its 8 professors no longer exists.
So water will run a regular engine. It seems such a crazy idea. Few people have tried.
But the ignition and energy from a diesel engine come from Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So your drive home, utilsed nuclear fusion. Not at 10millionoC. But down to an air temperature of -20oC.
Suddenly professors of pyhsics are looking very stupid. The ITER produced nuclear fusion using a hydrogen plasma! Well I sent them the idea, and as their funders are present nuclear power, all their funding went.
As Uranium fission are despirate for man never to get at clean nuclear fusion. Ironically enough, a beating huma nheart does nuclear fusion
5 CO2+3H2O+Tu+P ->CH4+He+X-ray +3O
So YOU do Molecular Nuclear Fusion 70 times a minute for life. Green plants do it during the daylight hours. Biology are the eperts of nuclear fusion – physics has no idea.

Waterfall Fusion

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.
Using a waer diesel, we stop burnign fossil fuels to provide energy. So free power – with no CO2.

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