Friday, 23 October 2015

British Nuclear and EDF illegal

Waterfall Fusion

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

After Chernobyl every operating nuclear plant needed insurance of 20 billion. They carry insurance of 50 million. So on the day of privatisation, every UK nuclear power plant should have been issued with an immediate stop order by the Power Station Regulator.
Illegal operation sentences the plant managers to 10 years in jail, for every year of illegal operation. And a fine of 10 million at 1986 prices.
So EVERY nuclear plant in the UK must instantly be stopped – and the British taxpayer paid ¼ o9f a billion pounds by the plant owners.
Hinckley B was licensed to operate until 1990. No life extension is legal. Particularly by the engineers who work for nuclear power.
Size well B is under insured, and lacks storage capacity for its used fuel rods: So the regulator has 2 reason it must issue an immediate stop order on Sizewell.
No Sizewell C could ever receive an operating license. So will never be built. No matter what George Osborne wants.
A steam plasma at 4 atmospheres. Converts all the water molecules into massive heat, with light and low power X-rays. So no hyper-toxic waste.
An electric hammer will break the glass tube, and stop the Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So no high insurance is required. It consumes 3 cc of regular water a decade, to run a 100 MW power station. Driven by 19 2cmx1m steam plasma tubes at 4 atmospheres.
1 50x1cm steam plasma tube will generate 1.2 MW of heat. Generating all the power for 300 houses. From a frightening small volume of regular water.
Hence Saudi Arabia is selling all the oil it can, while it still has some value. My 50x1cm steam plasma tube will generate as much heat as 8 1m rows of gas or oil burners.
Releasing no cO2, and producing no toxic waste.
EDF doe not carry the required 100 billion Euros or 3rd party insurance, Never has done. So all its plants are subject to immediate stop orders.
There can never be a legal PCW power plant anywhere in the world. But soon the world will use steam plasma for all heat – and cease burning gas or oil.

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