Sunday, 11 October 2015

Free gold

There is 411 million tonnes in the Earth's core, and man's mining has only yielded 156,000 tonnes – a lot of that recently. The Gold price has crashed of late – though most gold is stored away as a cash of value. Though less value every day.
The gold deposits are the result of geothermal water escaping from the deep. As the water rises, the pressure drops – until gold is no longer soluble in hot, high pressure water. And the metals settles out. Thus river estuaries carry as lot of gold to the surface.
Rather than waiting for nature to carry the gold to the surface, we drill down 10 meters below the valley floor to a magma pocket. This is a reservoir of hot high pressure liquid: 250oC, 8.4 atmospheres.
We use cleaver drilling, to drill into a metal pocket from below. We use ground sonar to locate a magma chamber, running along the Earth's mantel. Somebody said these were at 34 meters bellow the surface. He gave no more details.

We get up a stream of hot superheated water. We vent it to 8.2 atmospheres, and the water boils. So we get dirty steam. We pass it through a aggrandised Dyson dry cleaner, to scrub out the metal dust.
We then use a steam turbine, to generate power – which has as much value as the metal dust. So we undercut fossil fuel burning – and of course hyper toxic uranium fission.
A steam plasma doe Molecular Nuclear Fusion – which produces even cheaper power than geothermal water.
But we get gold, platinum, silver, copper, iron and other heavy metals. The platinum has massive uses, so will maintain its value.
99.98% of the gold ever extracted is still in circulation. Endlessly being repurposed. Now we will produce 10,000 times the total global demand for gold – even without recycling present gold.
Gold prices are already crashing – but you haven't seen anything yet! Gold will have the same minimal value as lead within 2 years.

Fossil fuel burning and uranium fission will have ceased to be energy systems. So the cash flow to global terror systems will end. And we will leave the world's uranium in the deep – where it does no harm.

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