Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hinckley Illegal

The UK nuclear plants were built in state ownership. When Labour privatised them, they did so with insufficient insurance.
Fukishima demonstrated that all nuclear power plants require insurance of 100 billion. No commercial insurance is available over 1 billion.
The Chinese want to construct a plant with EDF in the UK. Before it would operate, it needs an operating license from the Power Station Regulator.
1: Sufficient insurance. Even Sizewell B does not have adequate insurance.
2: Planning consent. Hinckley B only had consent until 1990s. When alerted to this problem, they used their own engineers to extend the plant life.
The lawyers pointed out this was not safe. Only people with no links to nuclear power could have examined the plant.
Engineers only design capital equipment to break down shortly after planning expires. To over design is wasteful. So Hinckley point was designed to break 25 years ago.
Illegal operation incurs fines of 10 million (1986 prices) and sentences the plant manager to ten years in jail – for each year of illegal operation.
The regular has to issue an immediate stop order – in the 1990s. Hinckley owes the UK taxpayer ¼ of a billion in fines.
Hinckley C would require a full planning application. Costing 100 million ('86 prices). David Cameron can sign what he likes.
The UK lawyers would invalidate illegal contrasts. Hinckley C is one such.
Which leaves every UK nuclear facility operating illegally. The world climate has been cooling naturally for 2o years. Global Warming was only ever nuclear fiction, for the stupid to believe. No doubt David Cameron is that person.

So uranium fission is hyper toxic, and economically illegal in operation. So David signed a deal to buy every legally produced kW. As the plant will never operate legally, IT WILL BE THE WORLD'S BIGGEST, TOTALLY INACTIVE WHITE ELEPHANT.

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