Monday, 19 October 2015

HIUS clears cancer

I applied 150 W 40 kHz to a man with late stage inoperable liver cancer for 1 minute. The cancer pain vanished – along with the cancer. All his medical team should have communicated with the world.
I applied 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound to a friend with breast cancer. The Cristie refused to use ultrasound scans, so opened her up, saw no cancer and sowed her up again.
Surgery is dangerous – so this was defective medicine the Cristie applied: they had the surgeon, and they were going to use him no matter what. This is medial malpractice.
A friend of mine had his appendix taken out by the Cristie – but I applied 5 EW 1 MHz to the area. Also to his head, around the region he had suffered a stroke.

Strangely enough all stroke medicine has been stopped. After two weeks, they decided there were cancerous cells on the amputated appendix.
So they took him into the operating theatre – though CT scans had failed to detect any cancer.
They opened him up, pumped him full of chemotherapy – despite finding no evidence of cancer. They were determined to give him surgery.
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In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancers: Which probably explains why the Cristie will not use the medically proved low power ultrasound scans.
So in 2002 medics had the answer to cancer. And cancer surgery, biochemical treatments and radiotherapy all became defective medicine. And the GMC and AMA had a legal obligation to issue guidance to abandon defective medicine. They didn't.
But they have a legal imperative to strike off all doctors applying defective medicine. That is all the Christie uses! So every Dr ceased to be a registered Dr on their first use of defective medicine.
Henceforth they are excluded from medicine. The Christie kills over half its paying patients. All Christie patients have a criminal execution for applying defective medicine against the Christie.
And the GMC does not offer any defence against Dr.s performing criminal acts. The Dr.s receive 25 years in jail, and the Christie a fine of 10 million UK pounds fro every patient their defective medicine kills.

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So the Christie are charging to deliberately kill their patients. And they have the exigence of the Moffitt and my own work, odemonstrated the absolute cure to all cancers.

So the Christlike has no registered Dr.s working at the Christie Clinics. The most murderous organisation in history. Not one Dr at the Christie has defended their murderous behaviour – because there IS no defence.    

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