Thursday, 29 October 2015

Killing 1/8th of the UK

2002 every GP on Earth personally confirmed High Intensity Ultrasound cleared all types of cancer. Ultrasound sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the pressurised cancers cells- while no damaging body cells.
The hippocratic oath demads every registered Dr tries new medicine – or is stuck off.
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray
This is the source of the X-rays medics use to detect cancer – with low poer ultrasound scans.
With HIUS we cause cell content boiling, nd the Moffitt cancer centre published the 1 appointment total cure to prostate cancer 2002. This works for all cancers – that must be pressurised to induce body cells to divide and grow.
So the total cure to ALL cancers. Which GPs iugnored – and continued with biochemistry and surgery – as this killed the patient – but made them so much money.
So the family GP has deliberately killed 8 million UK people for their own profit. More than an eight of the UK popultation. And the deliberate unethical killing goes on. Are you being killed?

Or just your frinds and family?

Cancer Is Cured

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