Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Lips of love

Lips of love

They are using the drug, of what you want to hear.
The scarlet slash of red across the porcelain of her face.
They move to utter words of forever
as they plan to devour you flesh from your bones.

They move and caress your poor timid face and body.
And brand you for today with Russet Red
– as few men are happy to be hot iron branded.
Saying what you want to hear – a drug dispenser.

You suck in the words of forever you want to hear.
The lies – not the the truths – you don't care.
The drug you need to live. To believe in tomorrow.

She weaves her perfume around you head and body.
Until you are admitted to drinking in her muse,
her spirit and smile your pharmaceutical addiction.
You have danced this dance before – and it never ends well.
But the journey is such fun. You gaze into her smile.

Those damn lips of love. Over them you have no power.
You can't even ask the question. 'What is it you want'
knowing she will say 'your life, your soul and you money'

Instead you say 'This is love for ever!'. 'Yes' she says.
You would only get 25 years for murder you think.

Those damn lips!

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