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Natural fracking

During the mass extinctions of prehistory, the carbohydrates of life were converted into deep coal depoaits
1 Cm(H2O)n+P+T->mC+nH2O
So it the deep, we convert carbohydrates into carbon and water. This water bonds with water from the seas and rivers of the Earth, to form a stream of geothermal water plowing around the Earth.
It hits the Earth's mantel – and turns the lavba into solid rock, Some of the water boils, btu most remains as liquid due to the pressure. So we have a stream of water at 260oC, 8.4 atmospheres.
This is an endless soiurce of superheated water. This water f.lows down to ½ miles below the Earth's surface. In valley bottoms, it is only ten meters below the surface.
Hot, high pressure water dissolves metals – which is why this have never been used for power generation: it would quickly ebrade even a Ti turbine.
But 2004 James Duson gave us the idea. We drill dwon to this superheated water. We give it a small vnt to 8.2 atmospheres.
The water is heated by the natural radioactive nature of the Earth core. But we get up heated water will metal dust in – no CO2 or hypertoxic radioactive waste. We get dust loaded steam.
We pass it through a double helix – a ruggidised Dyson dry cleaner. This removes all the matal dust.
We get Au, Ag, Pt, U, Fe, Cu – basically all the metals we mine. We get mostly standard, not enriched U. And 40% gold dust! A rich gold seram is 1% gold.
Here we get more gold in a year, than man would want in a century. So we end up burying it – as it will have no value. The scarcity makes gold valuable, but here it is produced in 10,000 times the global demand. It is technically a polutant.
The clean steam is massively more useful. We now have access to a basically inexhaustible energy source. For the cost of one drill hole.
We have no fossil duel burn. We produce no CO2. We produce no hyper toxic radioactive waste. Buring oil and gas to make heat will end. The well will be capped off – for ever.
We get inexhaustible, nearly free energy for ever. One drill hole – and the steam is free. So we see how nature makes deep coal – addiong heat from the radioactive Earth's core.
If we invert the process, we do nuclear fusion!
2 C+2H2O->CO2+He+H+E2+X-ray
This is what I term Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and it does on in every animal – as its heart beats. Plants in the light do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
3 CO2+3H2O+UV+Tu->CH4++He+3O+E2+X-ray Tu=turbulence
4 mCH4+(n+r)(H2O)->Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O+E2+X-ray)
So life on Earth is supported by plants doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the light. Converting water in He and O, plus X-rays – and of course carbohydrates.
So nature takes in CO2, down to the modern limit of 2 part per million. A level controled by nature. We burn the fossilised life – and within 5 minutes, have extra modern life. Suckingthe CO2 from the air.
Nature controls the carbon cycle. Burin g the fossil fuels increases modern life on Earth. It has no effect on the CO2 level in the air: the very notion is scientific rubbish – which is why real academics have never believe a word of it.
So if we drill down to a mantel pocket, we get superheated water percolating through carbon deposits. We locate the mantel pocket, using geographers maps, or we utilise ground sonar – anticlockwise from a river.
We drill down and get up an endless steam of hot water. If we get natural gas, we have hit an underground coal deposit. So we seperate off the hot methane – using a semipermeable mebrane.
We then vent the water, and seperate off the steam. So we are letting nature do the fracking for us. We would prefer not – as gas will soon cease to have any commercial value. We get unlimited free power and gold.
Nature gas will remain an in resource for the chemical industry. We should trun Fort Nok into a theme park – as the gold will have no commercial value.
So we inject no high pressure water – nature provides it for free. We may need to send down a high explosive cahrge, to shatter the rock surroundign the mantel pocket, and give us access to loads of free superheated water.
So yes nature fracks – that is where all the nature gas in the world came from. Geothmal water perculating through deep coal.
So drilling down fro the superheated water will give access to unlimited free power and gold – and natrual gas if we are unlucky.

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

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