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Not CO2

Since the early mineral records CO2 has been limited by the efficiency of Photosynthesis to metabolise this gas.
The Jurassic was a generally warm age, with 4 parts per million CO2 in the air. It had 3 natural ice-ages, where CO2 rose in the 4 years AFTER the ice-age began.
It reached 8ppm in the ice-age. Even today CO2 levels are higher over the Attics in the winter. As ice covers the sea, and stops plants there doing photosynthesis.
So ice – and more CO2 in the air, as there is less photosynthesis. In the Jurassic there was 10% more oxygen in the air, and 65% more active biology.
The mass extinction which need the Jurassic saw 85% of that life end up dying, and being buried. It formed the deep coal deposits.
1 Cm(H2O)n+E+P->mC+nH20
So the energy was supplied by the Earth for free. Extreme pressure and temperature, converted the carbohydrates of life into coal deposits. The water flowed away.
Over time some of the heated geothermal water peculated through the coal, and we got methane – natural gas.
2 C+3H2O+T->CH4+(He+O+X-ray)
So we get Molecular Nuclear Fusion – forming methane gas. At 250oC. This natural gas polymerises in the presence of exposed platinum metal, at magma chambers
3 mCH4+pH2O+T+Tu ->CmHn+pO
This is natural petroleum oil. And diesel. M=16 for diesel, m=12 for petrol. n=2m+2.
So as we burn these oils, we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
4a CmHn+rO2->mCO2+n/2He+E2+L+X-ray
4b CmHn+pO2 ->mCO2+2pH2O-E
Light and X-ray emission, plus helium gas production is only possible from nuclear fission and fusion. And here we have no source of nuclear fission. So we are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So 4b takes in energy. 4A releases huge energy. To double the amount of 4a we do, Ti plate the engine body or boiler plate.

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Any waterfall over one metre high had around the earth from regular water. A lightening bolt gives off X-rays, as it generates massive power. Neture on Earth is full of teh generation of Melium via the interaction of water molecules - molecular hydrogen

So we get double the power, for a Ti plate that lasts for the life on the plant. So halving our fuel burn, and CO2 emission.
Already we have seen oil cost drop by 25%. The consumer has only seen a 5% drop in fuel costs! Because the oil companies have realised that fuel prices will continue to fall to 0!
There is a better way to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion – nature shows us. Every 3 minutes around the Earth there is a lightening strike.
5 H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+X-ray
So heavy rain sets up a potential difference between the cloud tops (Where the helium ions collect) and the ground (Which collects the negative charge).
5000 V, and a partial steam plasma is set up between the clouds and the ground. When it touches down, we get 100 amps of charge electrons travelling up the partial steam plasma.
So the heavy rain does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – and produces ½ a MW of power. The lightening up-strike makes 5 tonnes of helium ions, as it does 5.
This produces the nitrous and nitric acids, which fertilize plant growth. Supporting all plant life on Earth, which limits free CO2 to 2ppm.
All the papers which documented higher levels of CO2 are fiction. Global photosynthesis limits free CO2. Extra CO2 ends up as plant biomass within 5 minutes. Via photosynthesis on the land and in the seas.
People unfamiliar with O level biology should have no job in education, or writing for the global media. CO2 levels are controlled by nature. Doubling in natural ice ages. In the little ice age they were back at 4 ppm.
As shown by the mineral record. In the warm period we are now in, it is 2ppm. All the academic papers on Global Warming were more to do with getting funding from nuclear power, and nothing to do with real science.
Every nuclear plant requires insurance of 100 billion. No commercial insurance above 1 billion is available.
So nuclear power is a hyper-toxic and under insured industry. That suffered a continentally dangerous accident every 25 years; coming to a town near you soon.
Truly the worst industry ever. Burning the fossil fuels releases the fossil fuels, as CO2 – which plants hungrily convert into biomass within 5 minutes.
Sucking the gas from the air.
If we run a steam plasma in a 50x1cm glass tube at 4 atmospheres, I release a constant 1.2 MW. Against 45 kW for a 1m row of oil burners. The latter release life enhancing CO2 though.
The steam plasma can replace 25 oil burners, and consumes 1 cc of regular water every 4 years. Once started it will self sustain.
19 will run a 100 MW power station: we run a Carnot heat pump to condense the used steam from a steam turbine, and return 85% of the heat to the boiler room.
So no oil or gas burn. And no hyper-toxic uranium fission- which legally needs 100 billion of insurance cover. That is not commercially available.
So there is no legal private nuclear power in the world.

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