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In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer at 1 appointment. Since when the biochemical industry has fought a rear guard action to remain in existence.
Chemotherapy kills half its patients. And is massively expensive and unpleasant. No registered Dr is allowed to teach, research or prescribe defective medicine. So 2002 marked the end of surgery and chemotherapy as ethical answers to cancers.
2015 medics are still researching chemotherapy. Resulting in the continuing death of 12 million people a year. So 8 million people a year are being cured of cancers. At home, using ½ a minute of the ultrasound from a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device externally to the cancerous organ.
The next time the patient sees the hospital or GP, they are better from their cancer. Nothing to do with the biochemistry they are using – that is developed specifically not to CURE any cancer.
2002 saw every registered Dr validate the effectiveness of HIUS, but they all continued to prescribe biochemistry or surgery – as it made them loads of money.
So each of the doctors knew they were killing their patients, and gradually saw people use a HIUS device at home – and cure themselves.
They wanted to continued with the biochemistry, but the Hippocratic oath forbade medicating the well. Or they were struck off.
Applying defective medication removes the Dr from the medical register. So by now, 98% of registered Dr.s have deleted themselves from the medical register.
In America, patients are charged $6,000 a month for chemotherapy. So a total cure costing $20 have been used to cure 11.8 million Americans of their cancers. America use to be the world centre for cancers.
No more. The UK is. The NHS drugs people up until they die. Free to the user – the government pay for the drugs. So even though chemotherapy and surgery are defective medicine, people use them! As the doctor dispenses them for 'free'.
As I mentioned before, just 1 prescription since 2002 deletes the medics from the medical register. All medicine they dispense is then medical malpractice. The biggest court cases out there.
The former medics receive 25 years in jail for ever patient they killed. Lawyers have a book for the cost of ever limb damaged. And every life compromised.
If the patient died you are looking at 10 million. Is the patient lived you are still looking at 2 million.
Every medics who prescribes biochemistry deletes themselves from the medical register. They will owe a fine measured in billion. And have accumulated millennia in jail.
Yet in the nursing office is a medically licensed ultrasound device (8W 3 MHz) which is a HIUS device – and will clear cancers in 1½ minutes. I advocate 1 minute to the lungs or liver. Plus ½ a minute to the armpits and both sides of the head.
Usually ½ a minute to the affected organ. And no cancers. And the technology was proved 2002 – 13 years ago.
No compromised lives, and sudden death of the patient. And every Dr on Earth proved it 2002. No Dr is slowed to research chemotherapy. So cancer research is globally prohibited from biochemical research.

It has taken the Hippocratic oath – and like every drug company on Earth transgressed this professional vow. So is no longer allowed to operate as a company on Earth. Or in other space.

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