Sunday, 27 December 2015

Cancer is curable

AN ULTRASOUND MASSAGE DEVICE WAS DEVELOPED AS A SAFE WAY TO REMOVE WRINKLES, SCARING AND WEIGHT. Coincidentally it operated in the power range that was High Intensity UltraSound.

I personally verified it would clear cancers, hearty disease, diabetes and asthma.
Cancer people are very reluctant not to use the GP: who makes a fortune while killing half his patients. This is so against the Hippocratic oath.

Ultrasound - cancer cure

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Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz applied externally just once will cure all the diseases of age!

The Moffitt cancer centre want $10,000 for such a device – 3 months cancer meds for a patient.
The only cancer patient I have treated personally has late stage inoperable liver cancer – that took 1 minute to clear – with its attendant pain. I blogged about this, so every cancer doc tor on Earth has read my success – yet continues with fatal biochemical treatments.
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I cleared the heart disease from the 6 patients in my church health group – all the group. I have also clear 30 diabetics around the world.
All foreign patients bought their own HIUS device. I now recommend 5 W 1 MHz, which is effective in ½ a minute. Read my other posts for more details.
I also cleared the asthma of a guy in my writing group – who had never had an uninterrupted sleep for 27 years.
I cured my step father of his heart disease: though he will not change GP, from the doctor who was prescribing drugs until he would die – 2 years ago.
I also cleared the diabetes for my mother and himself – but she will not allow me to fix her vision. Though I used the HIUS device successfully on my own eyes – shut the eyes first. ½ seconds a few times.
HIUS does not interact with biochemistry – the drug companies are trying to stop people curing themselves with HIUS – that is their income stream.
My biggest problem is I have cured all my friends. Sylvia and Val each had breast cancer. Both cured. The Christie still cut Val open – as she had had breast cancer a month ago. Totally cured.
The Cristie has medicated all my cancer people. And now is well aware of my HIUS work curing cancer. Every Dr on Earth has pledged to use best medicine.#
Or be struck off and face criminal prosecution – their choice. Unfortunately also the patients early, agonising death.

Dr.s: biggest mass killers in history – and massively paid for it too!

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