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Clean, safe, free carbon neutral power

Is an H plasma! That makes every radiant star in the universe shine. We get a power density of 5.8 MMW from 1 L of H! Don't burn it, fire up a plasma.

Storage material
Energy type
Specific energy (MJ/kg)
Energy density (MJ/L)
Direct uses
Nuclear fission
Electric power plants (nuclear reactors), industrial process heat (to drive chemical reactions, water desalination, etc.)
Nuclear fission
Electric power plants (nuclear reactors), industrial process heat
Nuclear decay
Thermal-Electric Generator (Space)
Nuclear decay
Electric power plants (nuclear reactors), industrial process heat
Rocket engines, automotive engines, grid storage & conversion
Cooking, home heating, automotive engines, lighter fluid
So we get 48 MJ/kg for fuel oil. But we get 5.8 x1012 MW/kg from H in a plasma. The average person uses 3.1 MW in life! So 1 canister of H will supply 23 people with the energy for life.
We use a 2mx2cm H plasma to produce 5.8 MW at 4 atmospheres. We utilise 19 of these tubes to run a 100 MW power station, utilising 3.7cc of its own H production a decade.
We run a steam turbine, and cool the exit steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump. So we loop back 85% of the heat. So we produce massive carbon neutral, non polluting power: Which generates no hyper-toxic radioactive waste. Pt is the most toxic substance known to man.
So we produce H gas, with no Fossil Fuels burn, and no use of enriched U, and production of radiative waste. The clean energy system.
So we fire up our H plasma. We get a constant 570 kW of power, at only 1.5 atmospheres. Once we fire up the plasma, it self sustains – like the corona of a young star. Which runs at 10 atmospheres, in the vacuum of space.
We do H fission in a glass tube.
1 xH++e- ->(1+x)n0 Compact hydrogen ions and free el;electrons into neutrons: a proton bonded to an electron.
2 xH++r n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray largest power density in the universe. 160X106 MJ/kg. 8 times that of enriched uranium. And no toxic waste. No Pt – bomb material.
This is why U fission is so energy poor. It leaves behind the ingrediants for the atomic bomb. We get naked power – with light and X-rays.
The clean power system of nature: my thanks to Dr Z for his work on this idea. Though I started talking Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and he ended my PhD.
So we run a 25x1cm H plasma in the engine of a car. At 1.5 atmospheres – though it does like to shoot up to 10! And get out 624 kW of heat. And generate 64 kW.
A small helicopter needs only 25 kW. So we are going to drive a hyper car. 1 cylinder of H will last 10 years – though the car is worn out after only 3. No Fossil Fuels burn. No stop at the petrol station.
We wind up a crank handle, and this fires up the plasma – which self sustains. When static, we book up to the mains. And meter the power we sell to the grid.
Once a month, we use Wi-Fi to uploads our data to the power company. And they send us a cheque for 1.7 million UK pounds. This exports 2.8 Global Warming to the grid.
The home H plasma plants sell 3.6 GW. to the grid. The total consumption of the UK is only 4.4 GW. So we sell our excess power to France – who still do energy poor U fission. The most toxic energy system ever.
H fission cost 0.001p per KWhr. Nuclear power is losing money at 2p per kW hour. And leaves behind a toxic legacy for our great27 grandchildren to cope with.

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

To drive a car, fire up a H plasma -don't burn the stuff. 12 million times the energy density.

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