Sunday, 27 December 2015

Fix the climate

Since the 1950s, it has been realised lightening releases He and O gases, visible light and X-rays. And the Earth experieiences 1 lightening strike every 3 minutes – you can hear them on long wave radio, as they happen all over the Earth.
1 H2O+TU->He2++O32-+E2+X-ray+emr
Every physicist on Earth is aware that He and X-rays can only come from nuclear reactions, and there is no source of nuclear fission.

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Nature makes immense amounts of power every day by doing nuclear fusion on high pressure water or steam. Totally clean and natural power! With no radioactive toxic waste! Totally green power on earth.

The most hazardous end-product is ozone. Which forsm the ozone layer, and protects life on Earth from naked solar radiaiton – without the ozone layer, there would be no multicellural life on Earth.
The lightening fixes all the organic nitrogen, which fertilizes plants life.
2 aN2+bO2+E->NOc c=b/a
So life on Earth is only possible due to Molecular Nuclear Fusion. And all that plant life converts the additional 0.0004% CO2, released as man burns the Fossil Fuels, back into active life on Earth.
On the land and seas – and most of the Earth is unconstrained by man. His cities are too small an area to have any global significance.
So by 12:20pm, all man's CO2 is BACK as active life. The Jurassic had 65% more active life, and over the last 2 centuries, burning the Fossil Fuels as reverted it to life.
No build up of CO2 in the air is possible. The natural climate started cooling in 1995 – only another 8 years unti lit warms again NATURALLY.
You want carbon neutral power – though nature always ensures the afternoon air around the world has a pre-industrial 2 parts per million CO2 in. The carbon cycle has insured ony lthe4 mentally retarded ever believed in Global Warming or Climate Change.
Each lightening strike releases 2.5x1030 W of power – as it make 5 tonnes of He gas. So a 1mx2cm steam plasma will release a constant 5.8 MW. A 1m oil burner only releases 45 kW.
So we can retube all existing power stations. Only 19 will run a 100 MW power station. Though we take off 4% of the generated power to run a Carnot heat pump, which recyles 85% of the system heat, as high temperature gas. Ask a 1st year engineering student.
This would reduce oil or gas burning today by a factor of 9.
So we use Molecular Nuclear Fusion to generate all our power. We use a porous exhaust monifold on a jet engine, to boil off liquid water into 10 atmospheres steam. Which substitutes for all aviation fuel burning.
Running a jet at hyper-sonic speed off regular water.
So no need for Fossil Fuels burning. To run a vehicle we use a 25x1cm steam plasma. Which generates a constant 300 kW at 4 bar.
Generating 30 kW – giving hyper car performance. Again off regular water. So we leave to C to nature. Which already only leaves 2ppm CO2 in the afternoon air - 1st year high-school biology.

Which is why no sane academic would ever believe in Global Warming or Climate Change. So neither should you.

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