Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Islam the religion of peace

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During the final year of my degree, I lived with the Christian Union Islam coordination person – Boris. Along with 3 hot girls – I can never understand why I did not marry Gorgeous.
Though my first wife might have objected.
Islam prohibits the killing of fellow Muslims, and innocents of any, or no religion Mohammed told his followers to do acts of uncontrolled terrorism, would send the person to Hades.
So the recent terrorists would have reacted the gates to the afterlife, expecting their 40 virgins. Only to be directed through the door to eternal torture and agony.
'They would protest 'Where are our virgins' as the ttorture minuscules were bolted on to them.
An eternity in Hell – at your own volition. All the people they kill would automatically be directed to the highest Heaven. With free harp lessons, and ambrosia tasting sessions.

And ever Mullah on Earth had a duty to tell their congregations, uncontrolled terror was the certain ticket to Hell. Enjoy.

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