Sunday, 13 December 2015

Nature wins

You do not matter! The dinosaurs had the Earth for 650 million years, man's cities go back only 2,000. Most of the Earth in under the control of mature.
The Amazon rain forest and all the seas are out of the reach of man. We tinker with life – move it around a bit. But that is all.
Our cities are such a minuscule area they have no global significance. So 'man-made global warming' was also gonig to be an oxymoron. We cope with natural weather – we can't affect it.
That ball of nuclear fusion in the sky makes our climate.
In the Jurassic, there was 65% more life than today. At the end of the Jurassic, 85% of life on Earth died. And the carbohydrates formed deep coal deposits – like at the end of the Cretaceous.
As water circulates around the Earth, it particulates through the coal deposits that formed from the fossilised life.
1 C+3H2O ->CH4+He+3O
So natural gas is rte product of deep Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This methane polymerises, to form the long chain hydrocarbons Cohn – n=m+2. So the oil used to be active life.
When we burn boil and gas, we form CO2 – which plants take in. So within 5 minutes we have biomass. There is no more CO2 in the air – that is impossible.
Mankind's CO2 represents 0.0004% of the circulating CO2- breathed out by animals. So Fossil Fuels burning supports more plants, which in turn support more animals.
So man can't affect the trace of CO2 in the air – that is capped by photosynthesis. Which runs unconstrained around the Earth. In the Jurassic there was 65% more active life on Earth.

Yet 'scientists' print graphs of increasing CO2 – while the Earth is cooling. CO2 is static – go ask any high-school biology teacher.

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