Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Off shore fracking

This gets around all the local objections – we do it awat from land. So local governments can't tax it – though they can tax the jobs we get.
The North Sea used to be a huge forest. So there are massive reserves of deep coal out there -which is why there was oil
1 Cm(H2O)+P+T->CmHn+pO2
2 CmHn+(Pt)->CsHt+(Pt)
For petrol s-12, for diesel s=16. So for fracking gas, we pass the methane through a Ti honeycomb, and get out petrol and disel. Massively cheaper than Fossil Fuels.
As we burn the fracked gas, within five minutes plants have converted the gas into plant biomass. There can be no accumilation of CO2 in the air.

Waterfall Fusion

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

Propenents of man-made Global Warming and Climate Change should keep up to date with their mental health medication – and redo 1st year high school biology. No accumilation of CO2 is possible – that was a lie ny Uranium nuclear power. The least green and most toxic industry that will ever exist.
This is why there is no current accademic paper on the accumilation of CO2 – it is not biologically possible.
So we drill down to within ten feet of a magma chamber, through carbon deposits, left behind by the mass extinctions of pre-history.
We detonate a slug of high explosive. And we start getting up the gases from the explosion, but then we get methane. Mixed will heavy metals. We pass through a Dyson dry cleaner and remove the heavy metals.
40% gold, with Pt, Au, Cu and Fe in. We earn as much from the gold as we do from the methane.
We pressurise the gas (Burning some of the methane to run a power plant). We pipe this below the surface, and get liquid methane. Only 2.6 atmospheres make the mathane condense when exposed to North Sea cold water.
We pump this liquid inshore. We convert some of this into petrol and diesel – 100 times cheaper than liquid Fossil Fuels.
And below the North Sea is a near limitless quatity of deep coal. Which whe nburnt increases modern life on Earth. No change to the gas composition of the air is possible.
To my mind, a steam plasma tube is nearly free – and 200 times as exothermic, from a miniscule amount of regular water. But the infrastructure for oil and gas is already there. Just remember, no increase of CO2 levels in thwe air is possible.

All around the wordl we are back at 2 parts per million every afternoon. 400ppm, or 200ppm are nuclear fiction. Photosynthesis controls CO2 levels.

I told Sheffield Jniversity about Molecular Nuclear Fusion March 2001. Ghey ended my PhD into chemical engineering the next week.

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