Friday, 4 December 2015

Plasma thinning & free power

If we fire up a H plasma, the metal electrodes with show plasma thinning. We get two processes. This is physics – so not my subject.
1 H++e- ->n0 So we get hydrogen ions and free electrons converted into neutrons.
At the metal electrodes, free electrons ricoche through to the electrode.
2 54Fe+e- ->55Mn
This only works, as electrodes are mostly empty space. But still neutrons are the main agent.
3 54Fe+n0 ->55Fe
55Mn and 53Mn are stable, so we only get radioactive decay with neutrion enrichment of Fe: so it was important that I knew some physics – and I did not.
So the infall of Neutrons to the metal nucleus is the dominant process. 55Fe deos not even have a published half life – so it decays almost instantly. To e.g. 2xSi. We get the infall of neutrons and we get 4xN.
So the Fe boils away to Nitrogen.
With a steam plasma, we boil the O radical away to 8Hs.
We then get the big energy release from H fission
4 1H++r n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray
This is so important! Because it is near infinate non toxic energy. We get 6 W, from a nucleus 10-12m in size. 10-9mm.
This is a collosal energy system, and I learned about plasma thinning in 1986 – but I had other things to do! Like graduate, get married and move into IT.

This is such a clean, free energy system. That produces no CO2, or toxic radioactive waste.
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