Thursday, 10 December 2015

Power for Africa

This idea uses 8 gallona of water – that circulate around the power plant. And some 18th centruy engineering.
We use a crank handle to spin a disc up to speed, and this delivers a burst of electricity to a glass tube filled with steam. We use a fire to boil off water, and charge the steam reservoir.
We want steam at 4 atmospheres – but only enough to fill a 50x1cm glass tube. 155Cc of steam. We use 4% of the current, to drive a Carnto heat pump, that condenses the used steam after the turbine, and circles it around as liquid water. We have no cooling tower. This increases the power production by a factor of 8 – for no additional cost.
This should increase the power by a factor of 8 – compared to the numbers I give below.
We give a pulse of electrictiy at 2,000 V, 0.001 amps. The tube lights up! We have encased the glass tube in a larger metal cylinder – with cork seperators. We drop the ensamble int oa water boiler – disconnecting the external current.
The plasma self-sustains.
It gnerates 1.2 MW of heat. Depending on the efficiency of our plant, we get 200 kW of power. Enough for 113 users. We power the village for free.
We top up the plasma with 0.03cc of regular water a years. We feed water into a copper coil around the plasma, and it delivers steam.
Open fires are a major cause of death in Africa. Here we have a 0 polluting way to supply free power.
In the developed world, a garrage hobbyist can use the same 50x1cm glass tube. Taking 113 users off the grid: thinking on, in Africa, they use so little power, we are talking about over 300 power uses.
In the UK, we get an annual income os 2.3 million. No coal, gas or oil. And no hyper toxic uranium nuclar power – the technology of Hades.
Germany and Japan has now renounced. An operating uranium fission plant requires insurance of 100 billion. No commercial nisurance above 1 billion is available. And the plant operator is legally required to purchased external insurance.
They don't so there is no uranium fission plant operating legally anywhere in the world. ANF plant is inherantly safe, clean and produces no CO2.
As we were all taught in high school global photosynthesis on the land and seas of the Earth converts CO2 into active biomass.
On Earth today, man's 0.0004% CO2 is converted BACK into biomass within 5 minutes. Any person not aware of this basic science is a dangerous idiot. So all scientists who have ever publisehd papers on Global Warming or Climate Change should instantly leave education, and seek urgent medical help.
The same applies to all reporters who have written spurios copy about the science fiction from the poisoned pens of nuclear power.

Uranium fission is the most toxic industry that has even been allowed to operate on Earth – and must instantly be shut down: if we are all not to die.

Waterfall Fusion

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

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