Monday, 28 December 2015

Safe, clean & free power

Molecular Nuclear Fusion! This drives volcanos, tsunamis, Earthquakes and natural weather.
1 H2O+TU+O2->He2++O32-+E2+X-ray
Around the Earth's mantel there is a river of water, flowing in a turbuletn fashion. It turns regular water into He and Ozone, plus massive clean heat. The He vents, and is lost to space. The O2 we breath in!
A working steam engine does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – a working engine produces He and O3, while emitting X-rays.
I told Sheffield University this in 2001, while doing a PhD into chemical and process engineering – the PhD suddenly got ended. For something that happened while in bed with my girlfriend 180 miles away.
The Earth's mantel does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, producing massive free, non toxic Earth power: with no CO2, or toxic radioactive waste.
If we drill down to a magma pocket in the deep, we get up a stream of heavy metal laden water. We gvie a small vent, and the 250oC water boils into hto steam. We pass through a Dyson dry cleaner, and extract the metal dust.

40% gold, but only 12% platinum: a rich gold seam is 1% gold. Here we have a limitless source of golf. There is 1412 million tonnes of gold in the deep – it is the 4th most abundant elemeent of Earth.
For all his mining, man has extracted 280,000 tonnes! Below 0.5%. So after the Dyson, we driv e a steam turbine. Then we lose the heat into the seas – where the heat flows back to the Arctics.
So we send up warm water to the Poles, and melt the ice caps. Which CONTRACT as they melt nito water below 3oC. And the Earth is so huge, we will get only -0.2oC – sufficient to melt ice into cold water. And send sea level DOWN.
All physics teachers are familiar will water contracting as ice melts – so there was no way sea levels could rise. Global temperatures started falling in 1995 – so the natural Climate Change we have for the last 2 decades is global cooling.
When photosynthesis limits free CO2 to only 2ppm. 0.00002%. A static trace gas – that supports all biuology.
So the power we generate is worth more than the gold! We sre only going to generate 20 MW from a small power plant.
Getting an annual income of 60 million UK pounds. We will only produce 48 million UK pound's of gold.

This is such a simple way to produce clean power – with no CO2 or hyper toxic radioactive waste. Power and free gold! Are you listening David Cameron?

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