Friday, 11 December 2015

Sky plane

Planes are tied to the atmosphere. If they use an aviafuel burn. But Molecular Nuclear Fusion turns very little water into massive heat – with no air.
We charge up a steam reservoir, using electricity to boil off water. We then feed this through a Ti turbine. We do FCC Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So we put out heated He and O gases – plus heated unfused water.
We generate 100 times the thrust of a jet engine. And if we fly on the correct side of the Earth, all the water is captured by Earth's gravity, and falls as natural rain.
We gain h from space, and at lightening strikes get back our water. In the Jurassic there was a lot more lightening and Molecular Nuclear Fusion going on – and sea levels were 65b meters lower. There was 10% more O2 in the air.
So we fly the pane in the stratosphere, where there is virtually no drag. So we get a hyper sonic plane for circling the globe. That runs off water.
That produces no CO2. We can use this cycle to drive local planes within the atmosphere – at lower spee4d – no CO2 again.

Are you listening Sir Richard Branson. This came out of my chemical engineering pre-PhD work at Sheffield Uni.

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