Sunday, 16 October 2016

Biggest planning abuse

Before any engineering plant can start, it needs planning permission. And valid insurance. For nuclear power, it also needs capacity for its radioactive waste.
British Nuclear is now using short term storage around nuclear plants for long term storage – illegally. Sellafield is being turned into the world's biggest store of used fission tubes – holding plutonium and strontium.
But Sellafield was never licensed for this. The plant should be decommissioned, and the land return to arrable use. It never had consent to be a waste storage site.
Margeret Thatcher signed for the extension of Sizewell A in 1984 – 2 years before Chernobyl. So we the plant went into operation, it needed insurance of 40 billion. There is no insurance above 1 billion.
Some money changed hands, and the plant started up. Then in 2010 Tokyo nuclear had Fukishima: which will leads to 20 million extra deaths in the next decade. The valid insurance was now 100 billion – so nuclear power though up Global Warming.
They did not know their science. CO2 goes up in a natural ice-age – as there is less photosynthesis. So during a warm phase CO2 is capped by nature – today at just 2 parts per million.
In the Jurassic it was 4ppm. And there were 3 natural ice-ages, with CO2 at 8ppm – 4 times today's capped, trace level. One ice-age lasted 650 million years. All determined by solar cycles – nothing to do with man. The result of nuclear fusion on the sun.
So Sizewell B has NEVER operated legally. The regulator has the legal imperative to send the army in, to demolish the illegal plant.
Hinkley's planning ran out in 1990 – again send in the tanks. It is again totally under insured. The Chinese are well advised to back away from British Nuclear, who owe a legal fine of 3 billion per plant. And all plants must be level NOW: at the expense of British Nuclear.
Which will exceed the plant build costs -18 billion each. For 200 plants. Over 1/3rd of a trillion UK pounds.

And the plant managers get ten years in jail for every year, for the last 30 years. 300 years per manager, per plant. Expect sudden resignations.

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